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InfoPath 2013
01 Mar: InfoPath Form – Action Rules

A rule defined in InfoPath is known as Action Rules. This gets trigger when a predetermined event occurs. These Action Rules play a vital part in the automation mechanism. This blog will state in detail that how to activate “Action Rules”

InfoPath 2013
05 Feb: InfoPath Form – SharePoint Field Validation Rules

Microsoft Infopath is the application that makes it possible to fill forms on a web browser. The job of ensuring that the data filled in form meets the requirements is performed by Validation rules. In this blog, we will learn about how to set the validation mechanism.

InfoPath 2013
29 Jan: SharePoint InfoPath Form Rules

InfoPath forms are quite user-friendly to work with. They come with lots of default setting for the user to work easily. One of those functionalities is to set Rules. Rules are set of one or more Actions, which are executed when an event gets to fire.