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Data Science Consulting Solutions

  • Delivers cutting-edge growth analytics to clients
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  • Offers AI-driven solution
  • Adviser on predictive analytics
Data Science Services
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Data Science Consulting Services

Ignatiuz provides machine learning and analytics-based decision-making solutions that keep you ahead of the competition.
Data is your most valuable resource, and we help you make the most of it. A meticulous prediction and a root evaluation allow you to discuss and implement data science best practices to improve your decision-making.

In today's fast-paced corporate culture, we help you keep on top of artificial intelligence, predictive analysis, and machine learning with our expert team.

Data science consultancy services

Data channels are formed by combining multiple data sources and data stores. These data sources are also provided and mapped through various customized models.

Our firm assists clients in overcoming even the most unauthorized information barriers, forecasting product offerings needed to satisfy customers, and directing business models based on an understanding and clarity of vision.

To satisfy our clients' most precise data analysis necessities, Ignatiuz offers data science consulting services encompassing Sentimental analysis, Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence, and Learning Technologies. By examining niche markets, our experts can suggest innovative ways for you to plan and amplify efficiency.

Ignatiuz Data Science consulting services can assist you in obtaining the following:

sentiment analysis

Sentiment analysis

It is a computer-based system for interpreting and categorizing emotional reactions. The sentimental analysis technique measures the extent of intensity (for example, the level of favorable or unfavorable or neutral thought) within a document text.
Using the latest machine learning advances in natural language processing, we offer our clients a quick and accurate service. Business owners can protect their brand image, build opportunities for improvements, and enhance customer support by using Ignatiuz’s sentiment analysis.

Customer analysis

To better understand our customers, we use customer analytics. We determine what factors influence the behavior of customers. Being one of the highest and most well-known providers of knowledge analytics services to brands and marketers, we help them shape consumer commitment procedures to ameliorate brands and facilitate substantiated client services.

customer analysis
digital Innovation

Digital innovation assistance powered by AI

We assist businesses in accelerating their innovation with new digital goods, facilities, and competence to supplement their current products to drive growth.
Our AI focus includes:

  • To determine whether sufficient amounts of high-quality data are currently compatible with various corporate systems to make conventional or digitalized decisions.
  • In light of current and future business demands, assessing the current IT infrastructure for suitability.
  • Assure that people are ready for an AI transformation.

Power Business Intelligence

Power Business intelligence is one of our specialties. Our firm provides affordable Business Intelligence development and consulting. Moreover, we assist you in accumulating data, conducting predictive modeling, and adhering to regulatory standards. We have assisted our clients with the power BI cloud-based analytics, which enabled everyone to visualize and analyze the data with fast frequency, effectiveness, and perception. We also offer toolkits tailored to the individual needs of our customers.

Power business intelligence
strategy to advance digital transformation

Strategies to advance the digital transformation

With Ignatiuz, you can comprehensively evaluate your business from all angles and anticipate new opportunities for change using predictive analytics and data science. This will help you build a streamlined, low-cost framework.

Data Architecture

Data architecture is a framework for gathering and connecting business data prerequisites. A data project outline or advice will facilitate the future direction of projects.
We assist in defining operational storage facilities, predicting market dynamics, and making decisions. Our data architecture meets criteria such as performance, stability, traceability, security, and unification to be compelling.

data architecture
time series analysis

Time Series Analysis

The method of time series analysis involves analyzing data points over time. There are many examples including commodity prices, stock prices, house prices, weather records, company sales data, and even patient health metrics. Time series data is ubiquitous in our lives. We at Ignatiuz, help organizations identify the causes of trends and patterns over time using time series analysis. Through visual representation, one can easily understand time-series data. Prediction using time series analysis is most credible when the data covers a long time period.

Our Approach

Our approach is rooted in a commitment to delivering actionable insights and transformative solutions in the realms of data science, data engineering, and data visualization. Our methodology is designed to cater to your unique challenges and drive your organization towards data-driven success.

Understand and Discover
We start by diving deep into your business landscape. We take the time to understand your objectives, challenges, and goals. By comprehending your specific needs, we lay the foundation for crafting solutions that align perfectly with your vision.
Engineer and Analyze
Our skilled data engineers and scientists collaborate to process and analyze your data. We employ advanced techniques to unearth meaningful patterns and insights that might otherwise remain hidden. Through rigorous analysis, we turn raw data into actionable knowledge.
Strategize and Plan
With a clear understanding of your requirements, we develop a comprehensive data strategy. This strategy outlines the roadmap for how we'll approach data collection, integration, analysis, and visualization. We ensure that the data we work with is not just relevant but serves as a valuable asset in decision-making.
Iterate and Improve
In the ever-evolving world of data, stagnation is not an option. We believe in continuous improvement. We regularly assess the effectiveness of our solutions and iterate based on feedback and new challenges, ensuring that your data initiatives remain cutting-edge.
Empower and Guide
We don't stop at insights. We empower you with the knowledge and tools to make informed decisions. Our team works closely with you to translate insights into strategies, helping you implement changes that drive positive outcomes and improve your bottom line.
Visualize and Communicate
Numbers alone can be overwhelming. That's why our team of data visualization experts steps in to create compelling visual narratives. We craft interactive dashboards and reports that present complex information in a clear, engaging manner, making insights easily accessible to all stakeholders.

Ignatiuz's Data Science services can benefit you in the following ways:

Data Science services
  • Standard facility – The technological facility at our disposal allows us to meet all your needs.
  • Affordable – We keep our services affordable so that they are tailored to your specific needs.
  • Comprehensive data protection – Your data is as protected as possible. Likewise, we are legally obligated to protect your confidential information. Our actions take your project to the next level.
  • Quality Support – A separate quality control team reviews our service levels. Customer concerns are always handled with the utmost care.

What our customers are saying

Philip Lisk
PMP, CGCIO, Chief Information Officer, Bergen County Sheriff's Office

Ignatiuz has consistently been a partner in our overall internet presence. Over the years Ignatiuz has provided guidance with their leading edge skills and expertise. Simply stated Ignatiuz is a solution provider for our web development and web facing security needs.

Wayne Reuvers
Live Technology Holdings Inc.

Working with Ignatiuz is a pleasure – they are very smart and always keen to help us figure out how to simplify the most complex problems into usable solutions. They has been our offshore development team for the past 4 years, and we see them as a partner (rather than vendor). They are always ready to put the extra effort to help hit deadlines, and as Gina (head of solutions delivery) puts it: “It’s like magic – we give them the work, and the next morning it is complete and all there. Wonderful!

Michael Yancon

We are a small/medium sized healthcare organization. We have been working with Ignatiuz since December 2009. They developed a custom SharePoint solution for us, including custom views, webparts, and connectors to outside SQL databases. Since then, they have also taken on an active role of server administration for our organization. Over the last two years, there has been around a half dozen instances where an issue has come up that needed immediate attention, and each time Ignatiuz responded in a timely and professional manor, completely addressing and fixing the issue within a very short period of time.

Tom Brooke

I would truly call team Ignatiuz as Kings of SharePoint. They are highly experienced and know each and every nerve of SharePoint. All my requirements from SharePoint installation to development and deployment to testing were served in time and with 100% quality. Wish you a good luck guys.

Ankit Gandhi
Ankit Gandhi Network Adminsitrator, Mercer County
COADJUTANT - CASUAL Rutgers University-Newark School of Public Aairs and Administration

Ignatiuz team has been an absolute joy to work with. They are very pleasant, courteous and knowledgeable. They have been punctual to tasks scheduled and handled migration process very efficiently. We look forward to continue working with team Ignatiuz.