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IT managed services
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Benefits of Managed IT Services

By outsourcing IT managed services, business owners can reap the benefits of getting IT support at a much lower cost, in comparison to putting together a complete team of IT services professionals in-house. Additionally, managed IT services providers can offer business owners their expert insights and experience that they would have gained by managing multiple client accounts - this is not something that in-house teams will usually have, simply because they wouldn’t have worked on a diverse-enough range of IT tasks.

Also, by using a managed IT services provider, companies will be able to forecast their IT expenditure on a monthly, quarterly, half-yearly, or yearly basis. This allows companies to focus on the growth of their business without having to worry about IT issues and requirements. While they may seem insignificant, IT issues can take you a lot of time to solve unless you have a managed IT services provider.

Additionally, managed IT services providers also work with IT security standards like PCI compliance day after day. This means a provider will be able to help your company with regard to the various rules and regulations that the company needs to adhere to. For many companies, especially those that are part of healthcare, finance, education, and other types of industries, being in compliance with IT standards is mandatory. While you can set up a team in-house to manage this, managed IT services providers can offer you expert solutions so your company’s IT operations are always up to date and working successfully.

Managed IT services providers also offer you server and farm administration services. Server administration includes offering personalized document access, periodic data backups, etc.

These cloud-based IT services can form the backbone of your company’s businesses. The IT support services offered by providers is invaluable.

History of Managed IT Services

When enterprise computing began, IT services were offered on a break/fix basis, which meant computer systems were fixed by an expert when they stopped working. Most times, the technician who fixed the system was also the same person that installed or built the computer system.

However, with time, as computer manufacturing increased at a faster pace, small IT dealers focussed a lot less on manufacturing and spent most of their time on break/fix activities. This system was labor-intensive, time-consuming, and expensive.

Over time, as computing devices began to be produced at a faster pace than ever before, there was a huge gap between the number of computers that needed repairs and fixing and the number of computers that break/fix technicians could service in a reasonable manner.

As this gap grew wider and wider, Managed IT Services by IT consulting companies started to emerge as an important business function. This happened in the early 2000s to meet the increasing demand for break/fix solutions. Managed IT Services offered better IT operations management by attempting to monitor systems, conduct maintenance, and perform upgrades on a routine basis to prevent problems before they could occur.

In recent years, increased Internet capabilities and cloud administration allowed IT support businesses to monitor computer systems and provide solutions to customers remotely, thus making global IT services more efficient. Managed IT Services, today, offer customers benefits like proven client satisfaction, affordable rates, and consolidated resources.

So, make sure to get in touch with an IT solutions company like Ignatiuz, which offers global IT solutions and services to all clients.