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Cut costs and reduce your development time by building on the Power Platform. Build standalone business apps directly on the CDS using the Power Platform (i.e., PowerApps, Power BI, and Microsoft Flow). Contact us to know more about our existing Microsoft Power Apps and how can we help you achieve more.


We can extend the functionality of a Dynamics 365 business applications, such as Dynamics 365 for Sales and Dynamics 365 for Finance and Operations. Extend scenarios include creating industry or vertical customizations to our first-party apps.


Share data between your custom application and the Power Platform to create solutions for more business scenarios.

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How Microsoft Power Platform Empowers Businesses

Microsoft’s Power Platform can help businesses transform by offering customers the ability to build applications. The Power Platform, which brings together apps like Power Platform Dynamics 365, Microsoft PowerApps, etc, is a low-code alternative to traditional app-building processes that helps in the following ways:

Businesses that are data-driven will perform better than those that are not:

Data-driven business tend to perform better with Microsoft Power Platform

It’s a given that businesses should base their decisions on data. There are several platforms to capture the data but to ensure the scalability of data into your business, you need to create a platform so that you can easily access the data in a user-friendly way. Essentially, a custom user interface will help to use and analyze the data irrespective of where the data is stored. Microsoft’s Power Platform truly is a smart cost-effective way to connect the data, which is crucial for your business at any point. The power efficiency of Microsoft Power BI helps analyze business data, allows you to take action via a user interface, and automate work with Power Automate. The result? More data-driven business.

Front-line staff can build effective solutions on their own

Front line staff always suffer the time when they have to go through error-prone processes. Yes, they do have Excel spreadsheets as a rescue to perform multiple tasks for a large amount of data. But, by using Microsoft Power Platform, they can build small and simple customized applications that would allow them to analyze and automate their data while attracting a greater ROI. If this would have happened earlier, only an information technology department, business analysts, project manager, and Procurement team can help with the tasks. But MS Power Platform enables the front-line staff to do much of the tasks on their own. The shift from “citizen-developers” to “professional developers” has made it easy for the workforce to access and innovatively work without having to undergo any authorization.

Front-line staff can build effective solutions:
Helps create a sense of ownership internally

Helps create a sense of ownership among the workforce

By enabling Microsoft Power Platform, you not only create a culture that motivates the workforce but also your staff takes ownership of the tasks they are assigned. When front line staff realizes they can build smart applications to solve their problems, they take charge of their actions. It creates trustworthy relationships between the managers and the workforce and also improves productivity. With Microsoft Power Platform, you can develop more and more applications that can solve multiple problems at the same time.

The Power Platform of Microsoft is a low code application platform to cut back on cost, manual labor, and time so that the business can survive the competition and thrive.

A low-code application like Microsoft’s Power Platform can help you leverage technology to your benefit. Your business requires a strategy to select a low-code application portal that will help you leverage the technology that is available and empower you and your employees to transform. Contact Ignatiuz, a Microsoft certified partner, to know more.