7 Benefits of Temperature Screening Kiosks

Technological advancements have been pivotal in all walks of life, be it personal, professional, or social. And, during the trying times of the COVID-19 pandemic, technology has been an ultimate savior on multiple fronts. While nation-wide lockdowns were enforced to ensure social distancing and avoiding public gatherings, soon the public facilities such as businesses, schools, airports were anxious to resume their services to ensure economic sustainability and civil convenience.

Temperature screening kiosks are the technological advancement that has proven to be beneficial during the COVID-19 pandemic. These kiosks leverage automated identity and temperature monitoring tools that allow checking of people’s temperatures. The high temperature being a common indicator of the COVID-19 infection, people with high temperature are suggested for further health investigation and are prevented from entering public gatherings, be it a business premise or a social occasion.

While temperature reading kiosks have been profusely appreciated by businesses, healthcare facilities, and other social institutions, there are few stakeholders who are still skeptical about the efficacy of these kiosks. So, here are the 7 key benefits of automated temperature screening kiosks.

Safe and Truly Contactless

Safety and minimal contact have been top priorities during COVID-19. While handheld temperature screening devices are being used massively, physical distancing is still a question. Here, COVID temperature kiosks are effective in ensuring contactless and highly secure temperature measurement. These kiosks employ automated screening technologies that eliminate the need to get physically closer to people.

Easy to Use

The prime objective of any technological innovation is to make processes simpler and lives easier. The easy-to-use feature of a body temperature scanner makes it avidly popular among businesses and other industrial establishments. Businesses don’t have to employ a workforce with technical expertise to monitor and manage the temperature screening process.

Employee Health Privacy

While working-from-home has become a new normal during the COVID-19 pandemic, there are certain businesses who need their employees on the site or at the office. However, they can’t risk the personal safety and health of employees. Temperature screening kiosks are pivotal in ensuring that employees with high temperatures must be prohibited from entering office premises. At the same time, these kiosks ensure the privacy of employee health information in a robust manner.

Flexible in Design

As the adage goes “necessity is the mother of innovation”, remote temperature screening kiosks are invented in response to the COVID outbreak. Scientists, designers, and researchers across the globe have joined hands with corporate organizations to build these remote kiosks, which are simple to design, easy to use, and effectively offer the desired results. These temperature screening kiosks come with a flexible design attribute; they can be customized as per the business’s needs.

Convenience for Large Corporations

Remote temperature screening devices are of utmost significance for medium and large-scale enterprises operating from multiple locations. Buying and using handheld temperature screening devices requires additional time for training and money to buy the devices too and with handheld devices social distancing norms can’t be adhered to. In addition, there is a higher potential for inaccurate screening as different standards are adopted by different companies while manufacturing hand-held devices.

However, with a stable and centralized temperature screening kiosk, the screening processes become not only convenient but also scientifically precise too. This is an excellent way to identify potential risk locations and take necessary precautionary measures to prevent an outbreak at offices; employees or clients with elevated temperatures must be prohibited from entering common premises to prevent the spread of coronavirus.

Employee and Staff Safety

Although temperature screening at the workplace can be considered as a conventional medical examination, it’s much more critical at the outset of the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. Temperature screening kiosks are thus far proven ultimate solutions for ensuring employee safety in business premises. These allow employers to measure their employees’ body temperature in a robust, quick, and effective manner and prevent the risk of an outbreak of the virus at the workplace.

Though several businesses have adapted to the work-from-home culture, there are few exceptions, where employees have to be onsite. The responsibility of these employees’ safety lies with the employers. However, thanks to remote temperature screening kiosks, the privacy of employees’ health-related information can be ensured. These kiosks automatically alert the concerned employee about the potential corona-virus risk without posing threat to their privacy. Some of the safest and most convenient ways to convey body temperature screening results to risk-prone employees are through text messaging, emails, or push notification; this will save them unwarranted embarrassment and stigma at the workplace.

A Less Expensive Option

Handheld screening devices require a group of staff members to monitor employee temperature screening processes manually. Using other types of screening stalls may require hiring third-party contractors to monitor and execute the screening process on a business premise, which may make the social distancing norms difficult to adhere to. These may further add to the already strained budgets of businesses. However, with remote temperature screening kiosks, this can be effectively addressed. With remote kiosks in place, businesses can save a lot on time, cost, and resources, which otherwise would have been spent on procuring handheld devices, training staff, etc. Businesses can immensely benefit from the Daizo COVID-19 remote temperature screening kiosk from Ignatiuz.

Long Term Benefits

Though COVID-19 cases are gradually receding, safety and social distancing standards still have to be adhered to. Any complacency in this may further lead to a huge spike in infections. Body temperature screening, which is now limited to businesses, large shopping malls, or crowded spaces, is soon anticipated to be adopted across all walks of life. So, investing in a temperature screening kiosk will stay beneficial in the long run as well. Remote screening kiosks will play a vital role in alerting people with elevated temperature for further screening, and investigation. This will be a cornerstone in containing the further spread of coronavirus.


Now that you are aware of the key benefits of a temperature screening kiosk, do check out the features of the Daizo COVID-19 remote temperature screening kiosk from Ignatiuz, without any further delay!

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