How PPE Inventory Management Software Can Help Your Business

PPE inventory management

COVID-19, which started as an outbreak, soon impacted global nations in a massive way. The healthcare infrastructures of nations were at the burnt end of this though the societal, political, cultural and social aspects of life were no more immune. While this led to long-term challenges, it has paved the way for technological innovations and advancements. For instance, wearing masks, maintaining a 6-yard distance in public, working from home, remote video conferences have become the new normal. However, as the nations embarked on the path of recovery, and stringent lockdown measures were lifted, everyone was anxious to get back to the normal daily functions, be it businesses, shopping malls, other industrial establishments. PPE kits became an absolute necessity at such juncture and thus PPE inventory management became more than ever essential.

Although PPEs are only the first step in preventing the spread of COVID-19 infections and numerous other precautionary measures must be followed, they are still an essential part of the safety measures to protect oneself against the viral infection. PPE kits, which initially were leveraged for frontline health workers, soon found their application in multiple industrial settings. Thus, the need to keep track of PPE in the workplace was raised, and it was a bit challenging at the outset. A PPE inventory management software emerged as an efficient way to maintain safety and adhere to compliance goals and at the same time optimal usage of resources.

PPE kits, especially certain components such as full-face respirator with self-contained breathing apparatus, N95 grade respirators, gas masks, and surgical masks are in huge demand and are pricey as well. This heightens the risk of misuse, theft and mismanagement of these PPE variants. PPE management software is extremely helpful for centralized and effective control of the inventorying, assignment, allocation, and appropriate maintenance of the PPE apparatus.

How PPE Inventory System Works to Keep Track of Reusable PPE Apparatus

Who is wearing a PPE and how frequently is it being required to change to a new apparatus are a few important aspects that health service providers and hospitals engaged in the fight against COVID-19 need to worry about. Here again, PPE inventory software comes to the rescue as it offers a real-time holistic view of the PPE usage and maintenance.

Ignatiuz has been one of the leading PPE management solution providers for years and has one of the best inventory management software designed to keep track of PPE suits. Here are some of the key functions of Ignatiuz’s PPE management system.

Scans and identifies the right PPE material for storage

The system leverages barcodes when new PPE stock arrives for quicker and more efficient storage of inventory information. It makes the PPE searching faster, and more efficient. By providing access to PPE distribution, this software makes stock management extremely easy.

Maintains a centralized database of all PPE materials

It uses a central database to store relevant information related to PPE inventory levels. It updates PPE stock levels in real-time, offers the most accurate data in readable formats and as interactive reports.

Verifies storage conditions of all PPE materials

The PPE inventory system by Ignatiuz saves information regarding various storage conditions of PPEs that are needed for efficient functioning. It also provides comprehensive instructions to users on how to safely store PPE apparatus and also monitors the current PPE stock to ensure that it is stored in ideal conditions.

Facilitates frequent inspections

The Ignatiuz PPE inventory system allows users to easily inspect information regarding the delivered PPE apparatus and the time of their use with quick-retrieval options. It generates accurate PPE usage reports with a centralized information storage system.

Notifies when maintenance is needed or the stock need to be replenished in response to demand

The inventory management system is equipped to create customized alerts according to inventory plans and notifies the inadequate stock levels for it to be replenished. It also integrates storage data seamlessly using Microsoft Power Platform using third-party add-ons.

Audits trail of stock being used by members

The centralized data storage system in Ignatiuz’s PPE management software helps with easy auditing through quick data access and retrieval. It monitors the fresh stock delivered and its usage. A detailed report is generated for each new PPE stock and its usage.

Ignatiuz’s PPE inventory tracking system helps hospitals, medical facilities, and industrial entities to streamline all processes and provides an efficient way to manage PPE stock levels. It provides a comprehensive overview of the entire inventory and use of PPE apparatus at every step of the way by leveraging innovative inventory tracking software. The software is designed to assist administrators and responsible stakeholders to obtain data-driven, and reliable insights and information as and when required for making effective decisions instantaneously.

Here are some of the key ways a PPE inventory management system can help businesses.

ABC Analysis

A robust PPE inventory management system helps in ABC analysis, a robust inventory categorization technique that divides inventories into 3 categories – A, B, and C. Inventories belonging to A category are with very tightly controlled and accurate records, category B with less tightly controlled and good records, and category C with the simplest controls and minimal records. ABC analysis offers businesses a mechanism for identifying items that will have a significant impact on overall inventory cost.

Bill of Materials

PPE inventory management systems help businesses prepare the bill of materials,
which is regarded as the comprehensive inventory of the raw materials, assemblies, subassemblies, parts and components, as well as the quantities of each, needed to manufacture a product. A well-defined bill of materials helps businesses in planning the purchase of raw materials, estimate material costs, track, and plan material requirements, and maintain precise records.

PPE inventory systems help businesses in multiple warehouse management, managing physical inventory, serial or lot number tracking, etc.

Leveraging Ignatiuz

Ignatiuz’s PPE management software comes equipped with all the critical features you may ever want to have in an ideal PPE inventory management system. Not only it assists you in trying times to manage PPE inventory optimally, but it also keeps your employees’ and clients’ safety a top-notch priority.


Our PPE Management System offers businesses a holistic review of their stock and PPE utilization at each step with cutting-edge proficiency and scientific accuracy in inventory tracking. Connect with the experts at Ignatiuz, today!

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