Overview of SharePoint Syntex

SharePoint Syntex is an M365 Service that uses AI and Machine Learning Models to augment human experiences, content processing, and knowledge transformation. It does not necessitate the creation of any code, unlike other machine learning algorithms. It automates the organization, classification, and tagging of structured, unstructured, or semi-structured documents in document libraries.

SharePoint libraries have long been used as a file repository, but there was no way to organize, classify, sort, and group documents based on their content.

SharePoint Syntex solves the content extraction problem and implements classifications It not only aids in content extraction, but it can also generate the document based on the contents stored in the database.

For classification and extraction, SharePoint Syntex already includes two prebuilt models.

Document understanding

The document comprehension model is used to extract information from unstructured documents such as contracts or letters. These documents must contain text that can be recognized using a pattern or phrase. When this model is applied to a document library, the extracted information is stored in the columns that correspond to a content type. It can also create a new content type or use an existing one.

Form processing

SharePoint Syntex creates a model in SharePoint document libraries using MS Power Platform AI builder form processing. Users can use the AI builder to create a model that extracts key-value pair or table data from unstructured documents such as forms, purchase orders, or invoices. The same information can be saved in the SharePoint list.

Setting up SharePoint Syntex on your environment

SharePoint Syntex services/add-ons, like other M365 products, are available for license or trial use. The trial period is 30 days. To enable product licensing/trial, follow the steps below.

Access the M365 admin center.

M365 Center

Navigate to Billing and then Purchase Services

Type “Syntex” in the Search Box and hit enter.

purchase from microsoft

You will find SharePoint Syntex as add-on as screenshot below.

view by category

Click on Detail button to navigate to buy/trial screen as below


Hit Buy button to buy a license or click “Start free trial” for trial for 30 days.

check out

Then click “Try Now”.

Then go to “Setup” section. Here you will find “Automate Content Understanding” under files and content section. Click it.

It will redirect you to the details page of Automate Content Understanding.

automate content understanding

Click “Get Started” Button to set up content center as below screenshot.

configure form
Create a content
Review and finish
sharepoint syntex activated
automate content

Clicking the “Manage” button will redirect you to content center site collection.

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