3 Essential Tips for Effective Project Collaboration with Smartsheet Tool

For the success of your project management, each team member must function along the line and work as a cohesive unit. But since many people are associated with the project, not necessarily each one will collaborate in the right way. Different work habits, characteristics, goals orientation, and communication styles may keep the entire project and the team off-road.

Clarifying each member their duties or goals ensure that key values work from the start and everyone is on the right track at each phase. Effective collaboration among key people of the project brings the leading results to the table. Using the best Smartsheet tool, different people on the projects (your team members or other stakeholders) remain on the same page without any ambiguity on what is being done during different aspects of project development.
Incorporating Smartsheet tools in your organization can bring impressive benefits to the organization and give your team a winning edge.

smartsheet project management and collaborations

One Place to Manage All Your Information

Collaboration seems hard when team members are not sure of their job roles or duties they need to work to make the project a success. Smartsheet is one such effective tool that leads the information everyone in the team needs about the tasks and the project. Clarifying duties seem to be working only when teamwork is initiated and everyone has access to the important information.

But using Smartsheet is not only about filling up the cells rather using the platform as a communication medium. Using attachments, mentions, comments, and forms you keep everyone on the same page and enforce conversations about the work in an easy place.

Comments and mentions: Both the features of the Smartsheet provide transparency into the project work as there are high chances of missing the email or chat on other platforms. More beneficially, mentions let you flag specific comments, which even send a notification of your comment to the concerned person.

Access all attachments at any time: With Smartsheets, you can even attach crucial documents and images from Google Drive, OneDrive, or from your computer. One place for all attachments keeps the information available for all the team members without having them remember where they have saved them in the apps or system.

Collect data using forms: Forms are the best way to get information from different team members or stakeholders. By using advanced features of Smartsheet, you can actually get task status, know the advancement in the project or even gather feedback from everyone.

Better Security with Access Control Policies

Usually, Smartsheets are shared with key important people involved in the project such as your team members or stakeholders. This means that by inviting other users you allow them to make changes to a sheet using a share button. Just an email address is all that it needs for you to invite anyone to the sheet and update relevant data on the project, even if they have not used Smartsheets before. Unlicensed users can still collaborate on sheets, the only difference is that they cannot create or own sheets.

Likely different people on the sheets are supposed to use the information on the sheet differently. Not everyone needs to update or add the information on a sheet- some may even need to view the updates on the project and not alter it. That’s why by using the Smartsheet tool you can ensure that the right people (whether from your team or external stakeholders) have the right access to the information through user-based permissions. There are owner, admin, viewer, and edits rights to the people you allow. Besides, locking rows and columns to prevent others from making accidental changes lets you get control over who is allowed what. Thus, Smartsheet software reinvigorates privacy and access control policies amongst different people.

Automated Workflows for Faster Completion of Projects

Just a few minutes of workflow automation and you are saved from hours of work in tracking down project status updates in a real-time manner. An automated workflow keeps you in action about the update requests, alerts, reminders, and moves forward while you are in a jiffy.

  • You can set up automated update requests to ask for the updated or latest information on a specific task or when the status of the task changes at any point in time.
  • You can also use automated update requests to send notifications to the team whenever they are assigned a new task.
  • The best use of making headways with automated workflow is when you have to check on the deadlines of the deliverables. Using this feature of the Smartsheet tool, you can actually send them reminders on key dates or on a specific date when some tasks need to be completed. For ease, you can also set up an automated reminder after a date has been due to check-in on overdue deliverables.

Working Better As A Team

The Smartsheet tool makes it easy for you to plan, capture, manage and report on a project anywhere on the go. The flexible feature of Smartsheet improves communication among different team members and gets the tasks done within a time schedule.

Real-time visibility of teamwork, status updates using dashboards, and automated workflows keep everyone on the same track and eliminate bottlenecks. When everyone is clarified about their job roles, there is no telling on how productive they come out to be in the same time frame. Thus, the Smartsheet tool keeps everyone motivated, on track, and brings team spirit.

Get Started

To learn more about how to use these and other Smartsheet capabilities to build an environment of collaboration, you can contact us. Ignatiuz is a Microsoft Silver Certified Partner providing new-age workplace software and service solutions to organizations across the world. We provide customizable and practical digital solutions for your unique organizational needs including a Smartsheet project management tool and strictly adhere to user-centric design more than anything else.

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