What to Expect from a Smartsheet Project Management Tool?

Project management is a vast concept and involves a multitude of nuances. The most important aspect is it has the potential to make or break an organization’s success, growth, and expansion perspectives. And, most of the organizations understand the significance of project management, and thus, have robust, skilled, in-house teams to cater to the needs. However, given the need to work on core competencies and reshaping strategy and execution paradigm, ensuring end-to-end project management might not be possible. Here comes the role of robust, resilient, and scalable project management tools, and Smartsheet software emerges as one of the top choices.

In this blog, we will be touching upon all about the Smartsheet tool and what to expect from it.

Smartsheet Project Management Tool for Enterprises

Well, first things first. Let us learn what a Smartsheet is. This is a spreadsheet-style, cloud-based project management solution for businesses with a vast and multidimensional project portfolio. This project management solution aims at assisting organizations to manage workflows and improve collaboration among the team members in an easy, quick, and hassle-free manner.

This PM solution empowers teams across the enterprise to attain greater team alignment, boost productivity by leveraging intelligent workflows, and much more beyond this. It comes in handy for content and resource management realms too. Simply put, it is a one-stop, unified solution for holistic enterprise operations.

In today’s ever-competitive business landscape, having a holistic, and real-time view of projects is paramount and the Smartsheet software is crafted to achieve just the same. Project managers can create tasks, sub-tasks, and assign them off to designated team members, who are then held accountable for the smoother execution and adherence to the set delivery timelines. With any time, anywhere access, project managers can stay abreast of all the project-level activities first-hand and may take necessary actions to keep things aligned with the ultimate objective. Besides the PM team, this tool can be leveraged by the IT guys, Ops teams as well as the Research, and Product Development teams. So, if you are yet to get your hands on this tool, well, wait no more!

Smartsheet Software: What Makes It Different?

Smartsheet software is not just another project management tool in the vast pool of tech solutions. It is here to stay and rightfully so. Here’s why.

  • It is a robust, and scalable collaboration tool for efficient project management
  • It offers data-driven, actionable insights, analytics, and reporting features that help the organization, especially the PM to ensure successful, glitch-free project execution, and completion
  • Being an enterprise-grade solution, Smartsheet leverages best-in-class data protection standards and offers features like 2FA, and SSO to prevent potential security breaches
  • Smartsheet comes equipped with robust automation tools
  • It can be easily, and seamlessly integrated with an organization’s existing systems, and software to offer coherence in operations

Now, let’s touch upon some of the key capabilities offered by Smartsheet.


This PM solution with its intuitive spreadsheet-like interface is easy to learn, and adopt. No matter what existing PM solution an organization may have, Smartsheet allows easy file import from Excel, Microsoft Project, Google Spreadsheets, and Trello.

SaaS Solution

No more static reports, last-updated 3 days ago data, and so on. As an organization, you sure understand the challenges of not staying up to date with information. Smartsheet project management solution aims to address this sore point that many organizations contend with. This tool offers real-time, dynamic views to tasks of various projects anywhere, anytime.

Higher Collaboration

Smartsheet is not a tool that organizations keep only for internal use. They can leverage this tool to collaborate with their external stakeholders too, be it clients, customers, or other vendors. The tool allows automated reminders for regular updates.

Task Scheduling

Projects involve a multitude of tasks differing in sense of urgency, nature, delivery timeline, and it can be overwhelming to keep a tab on all of them. The issue just gets compounded when there are hundreds of projects in the pipeline. The Smartsheet tool enables the creation of interactive timelines backed by Gantt charts. Milestones and dependencies can also be marked so that project tasks can be completed within the set timeline.

File Storage

Attachments are integral to project management and there might be a host of docs spread across the Google, OneDrive, and Dropbox platforms. Smartsheet offers a centralized, one-stop directory for all file storage needs.

Dashboards and Reporting

Having a holistic view of project execution, and performance is highly paramount both internally in the organization and externally too. Smartsheet offers an agile eagle view of all relevant details pertaining to projects. Organizations can leverage these dashboards and robust analytics, and reporting features to streamline project management and ensure client satisfaction.

Workflow Automation

With Smartsheet, organizations can automate repetitive project management tasks and actions with automated approval and update requests.

Change Tracking

The Activity Log feature of the Smartsheet Software offers project managers one place to see who viewed project plans, reports, and dashboards, what changes were made, and when those activities occurred. They can also filter by action type and date range to find what they are looking for.


Smartsheet solution like that of Ignatiuz’s is not just about recording data but also enabling data modeling in order to present visualized reports. Any person having access to the report can use advanced filter options to check only the information that is relevant to the person. A visualized report will also have different levels of access like edit mode, view mode, etc. in order as a measure of security for different stakeholders.

Wrapping Up

Smartsheet tool is deemed beneficial as a project management tool. In this age of remote working, end-to-end automated solutions like Smarsheet help organizations scale and focus on their core business rather than spending time on manual organizational task management.

Got questions about Smartsheet enablement, integration and implementation? Do connect with the experts at Ignatiuz today! We provide project management consultancy as well as customized Smartsheet templates as per your requirements.

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