Smartsheet Best Practices


Smartsheet Introduction

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How to adopt Smartsheet and optimize cross team project management.

Topic : Smartsheet Introduction
Time : December 11th 10:30 AM EST

Smartsheet is a simplified solution that follows familiar Excel based format but comes loaded with powerful project management features. It is a cloud based solution, that means you can access it using any web browser on almost any device. You do not need to install it on your PC to be able to use it. It also has native apps for Android and Apple phones. You can access your sheets on the go using these apps. It is a powerful project management tool that is not as complex as Microsoft Project but offers extensive features that make project planning, progress capturing, project management and reporting more streamlined, all within a single environment.

Usage of these solutions can help organizations improve business outcomes, such as faster time-to-market; higher employee satisfaction, which can lower churn; reduced operating costs; and increased revenues.

In this webinar we will highlight some of these features and how to utilize most of the Smartsheet features.

Deepti Goil
Director of Projects & Operations
Jayesh Nathani
Jayesh Nathani
Project Manager