Retain your project knowledge and eliminate recurring errors with the

Lessons Learnt Management System

  • Acquire and transfer learning experiences
  • Save money and resources with the existing knowledge base
  • Deliver measurable performance improvement
  • Keep a track record of tasks to meet the project deadlines
Lessons Learned Management system
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Lessons learnt Management System

LLMS - An Overview

Every project is a learning experience, whether the outcome is good, as anticipated, or bad. While success guides in navigating future projects effectively, failures alert us not to repeat the same mistakes. Many organizations consider lessons learned programs as an informal process where the project teams often get lost in the database and are doomed to repeat similar problems. The documented and shareable lessons learned reduce the possibilities of project failures.

Start Leveraging a powerful project management lesson learned system to improve your current organizational practices, boost team productivity, and secure the success of your future projects.

Why implement a Lessons Learned System?

reduction in project costs
reduction in recurring errors
reduction in project timescales

Benefits of Project Management Lessons Learned Solution

  • Leverage the experience – Record the lessons learned in real-time to capitalize on the previous success and failures.
  • Document the processes – Enable your future teams to access the existing knowledge base and use the fullest of their expertise.
  • Standardize your approach – Get a standardized and centralized platform to capture, store, and share lessons learned across the organization.
  • Advanced search of relevant lessons – Find useful and relevant information with powerful search and reporting capabilities.
  • Identify inefficient areas – Streamline business activities by identifying the areas of project efficiencies and avoiding redundant processes.
  • Boost team productivity – Leverage better productivity with organized reports and compare those reports to track the project progress.
  • Establish best practices – Analyze what works best for the team, implement the changes, and report the best practices in a lessons learned solution.
  • Create actions based on lessons – Validate the lessons using the customizable workflows and take actions by implementing lessons in new projects.
  • Improve communication – Involve every team member in the working process and encourage them to stay involved by considering their input.

Lessons Learned Process