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Employee Timesheets with Ease

Are you looking for an accurate way to record the amount of time your employees spend on the job each day? Our proprietary Office 365 timesheet app lets you do just that. Compatible with SharePoint 2013 and all newer versions and SharePoint Online, the Timesheet App powers your current SharePoint environment, allowing you to maximize the collaboration features SharePoint offers.

Well now there is. Our advanced GIS software offers a secure, user-friendly way for employees and citizens to quickly access relevant information. We can integrate this software with your current database to make it as robust as you want it to be.

Office 365 Timesheet App by Ignatiuz

Team members will enjoy the clean, user-friendly interface; management will appreciate the simple reporting features like exporting timesheets to Excel/CSV format, potential integration to third party systems, and automated invoice processing.

Here are some of the additional benefits of using the Office 365 Timesheet app:

  • Benefits for Employees
  • Record/save daily work hours as a draft
  • Submit drafted timesheets weekly
  • Easily modify draft timesheets before submitting
  • Flag tasks as billable or non-billable
  • Simple billable/non-billable task reporting
  • Benefits for Management
  • Approve, reject, or add comments to submitted timesheets
  • Map multiple employees to a specific manager
  • Easy-to-use interface and administration features
  • Easily add employees and managers
  • Supported by multiple browsers including Google Chrome, Internet Explorer, and Firefox
Contact us today to learn more about implementing the Office 365 Timesheet App for your organization.

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