Office 365 Timesheet App

Office 365 Timesheet App
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Organize, Track, and Manage Employee Work Hours with Ignatiuz’s Office 365 Timesheet Software with Ease

Do you consider your employees as critical assets for your organization? What is the mechanism that you leverage to ensure they learn, grow, and perform their responsibilities? Time tracking, isn’t it? But, how effective do you consider your time tracking aspect to be? Do you still have paper-heavy logbooks where your employees make the entry of their clock-in and clock-out time? How do you measure who is working on what at a given point in time, especially when you have a versatile team working on multiple projects? How do you derive the idle time being spent by the employees? Ignatiuz’s Office 365 timesheet application is here to assist you in your quest!

Are you looking for an accurate way to record the amount of time your employees spend on the job each day? As your organization expands horizontally and vertically, it can get difficult to track your employees’ contributions. This, in turn, will lead to you not knowing how exactly your company is performing and how different employees contribute to the organization’s success. As the Office 365 Timesheet, an employee timesheet app is your key to staying abreast of your organization’s holistic performance and your employees..

Office 365 Timesheet by Ignatiuz is an easy-to-use add-in that works with SharePoint 2013, SharePoint 2016, and SharePoint Online (Office 365). So, you won’t have to worry about its compatibility with your existing systems. So, you won’t have to worry about its compatibility with your existing systems. The SharePoint timesheet app is a productive way of tracking hours spent by your employees on all tasks under different projects within your SharePoint environment. The time tracking data is available in a centralized, and secure, cloud location in the SharePoint timesheet app, so your organizational data is safe from data threats.

The employee timesheet software powers your current SharePoint environment, allowing you to maximize the collaboration features SharePoint offers.

Employee Timesheet App by Ignatiuz

With the Microsoft Timesheet App, your team members will enjoy the clean, user-friendly interface. In addition, with the Employee Timesheet App by Ignatiuz, the management will appreciate the simple reporting features like exporting timesheets to Excel/CSV format, the potential integration of the Microsoft Teams time tracking software to third party systems, and automated invoice processing. Ignatiuz’s Employee Timesheet App will not only provide you relief from paperwork and manual entry but it also facilitates entry review post-approval and is way a user-friendly. The Office 365 Timesheet software is one of the best timesheet apps out there – it will help your employees work more productively, make your clients a lot happier, and enable you to run your business more efficiently. Similar to the Microsoft employee timesheet software, we offer more products and services facilitating the digital transformation of businesses.
Read on to know more about the various features and benefits of the employee timesheet app.

The Office 365 Timesheet software from Ignatiuz includes a host of salient features.

  • Ignatiuz’s Office Microsoft 365 timesheet software allows businesses to create unlimited projects and tasks within their SharePoint environment. This makes the Microsoft Teams time tracking app scalable for future business use as it grows with the business and its workforce. Designated authorities and employees have the capability to create new tasks or subtasks under an existing project. Hence, this employee timesheet app is a good option for your business needs today and in the future.
  • The Office 365 Timesheet app helps employees to record their daily hours spent that can be submitted as a weekly report for the superior’s perusal. With Microsoft Teams timesheet, employees have the flexibility to modify their entries prior to submitting them. The employee timesheet app, thus, helps employees submit and edit their entries in a hassle-free manner. Office 365 time tracking has a vast potential in the short and long term.
  • The Office 365 based time tracking app is available for both Android and iOS platforms. So, regardless of which OS you use, you and your employees will use the employee timesheet app.
  • Tracking individual employee contributions on a daily basis can get redundant and time-intensive for the managers. The SharePoint Timesheet app helps managers review and approve employee timesheets available in digital formats on the go. With the employee timesheet app, you can ensure that managers in your organization are not burdened with having to check the contributions of individual employees.
  • This SharePoint based time tracking app helps businesses in segregating employee efforts into billable and non-billable categories. The employee timesheet app is, thus, especially helpful in employee payroll management and performance appraisal.
  • The employee timesheet app enables precise, robust reporting specific to each task and project. This enables managers with greater visibility of employee performance. Managers can approve/reject the timesheets based on the employee’s inputs, and this will be notified to the employees instantly. This helps the concerned employee make the necessary corrections and resubmit the timesheet.

Secure – Office 365 timesheet data always remain in your SharePoint instance

The Office 365 timesheets are stored in secure SharePoint instances. The timesheets can be accessed by authorized entities, which improves privacy and data security. So, with the Office 365 timesheet software, there is no risk of confidential business data getting compromised.

Export Microsoft Teams timesheet to Excel/CSV/PSD format

Ignatiuz’s Office 365 timesheet software is easy-to-use for both employees and employers. The timesheets can be exported into Excel, CSV, or PSD formats for further review, and analysis purposes. If the key stakeholders or management want to do a year-end review, they can simply export the data to a format that is convenient and perform their review, with the Office 365 timesheet.

Power BI integration

Office 365 Timesheet app is the best timesheet app offered by Ignatiuz that comes with Power BI integration. The employee timesheet app helps businesses in deriving data-driven, actionable insights into employee performance.

Unlimited users, projects, and tasks. Integrate with Microsoft Project or Smartsheet

With Ignatiuz’s Office 365 timesheet app, businesses can rest assured! There are no restrictions on the number of projects or task entries. This SharePoint timesheet app scales with the business and can be integrated into Microsoft Project or Smartsheet and a host of other cutting-edge applications. This is one of the best timesheet apps since it helps the management add as many projects and tasks as they like; this helps business owners track the contributions of different employees towards the business goals.

Office 365 Timesheet App proudly powers

Here are some of the additional benefits of using the Office 365 Timesheet app:

Office 365 Timesheets – Benefits for Employees

The SharePoint based time tracking app helps employees do the following functions:

  • Record/save daily work hours as a draft
  • Submit drafted timesheets weekly on the timesheet software
  • Easily modify draft timesheets before submitting
  • Flag tasks as billable or non-billable
  • Simple billable/non-billable task reporting

Office 365 Timesheets – Benefits for Management

The Office 365 Timesheet app doesn’t just offer benefits for employees. The timesheet software is built in a way that helps businesses achieve their goals faster too. Here are some of the benefits that the employee timesheet app offers:

  • Approve, reject, or add comments to submitted timesheets
  • Map multiple employees to a specific manager
  • Easy-to-use interface and administration features
  • Easily add employees and managers
  • Being the best timesheet software, it is also supported by multiple browsers including Google Chrome, Internet Explorer, and Firefox

Office 365 Timesheet App Variants

  • Standard: The Standard variant of the Office 365 Timesheet App is offered absolutely free-of-cost. The Office 365 time tracking app can be accessed by an unlimited number of users, who will have access to unlimited timesheets. The other key features of this variant of the Office 365 time tracking app include:
    1. Option to draft the timesheet on a daily basis and submit it every week.
    2. Users can report both non-billable and billable hours. Thus, the Office 365 timesheet software helps to accurately record one’s work over the course of the week.
    3. The workflow can be approved by the concerned manager. This helps increase the transparency in the work process.
    4. All reports from the Office 365 Timesheet App can be exported to Microsoft Excel for further processing or to create internal reports.
    5. Limited email support is offered to all customers who sign up for the free variant of the Office 365 Timesheet App.
  • Professional: The Professional variant of the Office 365 Timesheet App costs $499 annually. Customers can access all features available as part of the Standard variant and also these additional features with the Office 365 Timesheet software from Ignatiuz:
    1. Large reports can be exported with a single click.
    2. Businesses can also customize the week ending to any day (as opposed to having it set to Friday on default). This is especially useful for 24/7 businesses.
    3. Monthly and annual reports can be generated through the app.
    4. New features are released frequently to benefit users of the Professional variant of the app.
    5. Users receive priority email and phone support.
  • Enterprise: The Enterprise variant of the app costs $1,499. Users get all the features that are offered as part of the Professional variant and more. This Timesheet app from Microsoft helps teams access features like:
    1. Integration with Power BI, Dynamics CRM, and Microsoft Project.
    2. Further, integration with QuickBooks and Smartsheet is also offered.
    3. Users can also request custom features to personalize the Timesheet app for their business.
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Office 365 Timesheet App

Employees are a critical asset to businesses as their productivity directly impacts the organization’s success and growth. Timesheets are a great way of recording the hours spent by employees on specific tasks under a host of projects. These have business-benefits for both the employees and employers as well. With effective timesheet software like the Office 365 timesheet app, Employees can keep track of their output per day or per project, which will help them in crafting a successful career for themselves.

Employers can leverage timesheets for gauging employee performance, management accounting, and payroll processing. Besides, effective timesheets help them in meeting predefined project deadlines, keep a tab on the budget, achieve success within the defined project lifecycle. As you would have probably guessed by now, if you invest in Office 365 timesheet software, your business will stand to gain a lot as well.

Timesheets are pivotal for project management as well. Managers can keep a tab on employee bandwidth, which will help them allocate new projects/tasks to the employees. The hours spent on a particular task can be a KPI to identify the strong/weak areas of an employee, which will further open up the scope of improvement. Timesheets help managers in gauging the overall efficiency of their projects, anticipate delays, and take corrective measures to bring the projects on track again. Don’t take our word for it, avail of the free trial for our SharePoint timesheet app and validate for yourself.

Having said that, it’s important that you opt for the best timesheet app, so you and your employees can benefit. Ignatiuz’s Microsoft 365 Timesheet app is a robust tool that helps businesses in tracking their employee performance with ease, efficiency, and convenience. This is a user-friendly add-in that can be seamlessly integrated with SharePoint versions, 2013 and 2016 as well as with Office 365 (SharePoint online).

The Office 365 Timesheet app is especially noteworthy because as your business grows, stakeholders will be able to add new tasks and subtasks under different projects. So, Ignatiuz’s Office 365 timesheet software is also scalable – the Microsoft Teams timesheet app will, thus, meet your current business needs and future requirements. It is a productive, and cost-effective solution for recording, and analyzing employee timesheets.

If you have decided to implement the Office 365 Timesheet software in your organization, make sure to be transparent with your employees about the various advantages that the app offers. Once you do this, your employees will see how they can stand to gain from using timesheet software.

Advantages of Timesheets

Timesheets don’t just help employees sign in and out, but also have numerous other functions. This is why an effective SharePoint based time tracking app is considered vital by smart business owners. Some of the many benefits of using employee timesheet software are as follows:

  • The Office 365 based time tracking app helps you keep track of the work hours of your employees. This, in turn, can improve workflow.
  • Microsoft Teams timesheet software also helps you bill more accurately, especially if you hire many freelancers, contractors, or agencies.
  • Office 365 timesheet app helps you enhance your payroll and HR decisions. After all, the more you know about your employees, the easier it will be for you to decide who gets the reward.
  • The Timesheet app from Microsoft Teams also helps you keep track of your budget, and determine when you’re at profit and when you are at loss.

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