E permitting portal for municipal permits

E permitting portal for municipal permits

Transforming the traditional way of printable forms for obtaining any permissions, Ignatiuz offers an intuitive permit portal to allow the residents and vendors submit permit application and pay fee for permits online. This not only removes the hassles of maintaining paper forms and records, but also proves to be a safer measure by reducing physical contact. Our online permit portal is ideal fit for townships and municipalities, and is highly customizable to accommodate any kind of permission including road opening permit, planning and zoning permit, building permit and tree removal permit etc.

Online road opening permits

Online road opening permits

An ROP (Road Opening Permit) is required when you need to repair, replace, install, maintain, or upgrade certain utilities such as telecommunications and electricity. An ROP should be obtained when you need to repair or do work that is connected to the sewers. Earlier, people could go to the particular authority who will guide individuals to apply for the permit but ever since COVID-19, this hasn’t been possible. Using an online permit portal such as the one offered by Ignatiuz can be the socially acceptable alternative for applying for a road opening permit given the current circumstances.

Grant planning and zoning permits online

A planning permit is one that is required before development begins on a plot of land. A zoning permit allows you to use a particular land for the intended use. Different zoning districts can have separate regulations and so you need to ensure you are aware of which zone you come under and which regulations apply to you. COVID-19 has made it virtually impossible to acquire physical planning and zoning permits. Municipalities and townships can leverage an online permit portal from Ignatiuz to easily generate and grant planning and zoning permits digitally.

Grant planning and zoning permits online
Generate building permits online

Generate building permits online

A building permit is required when you need to demolish, construct, repair, remove, convert, or enlarge a building. Tradespeople, businesses, and individuals can apply for a building permit when they need to make changes to a structure. Earlier, getting building permits was a matter of getting the right documents and compliances in place and submitting them to the local municipality. The pandemic has surely made things more complicated hence an e permit portal made by Ignatiuz software, ensures citizens can apply, avail and grant permits online while maintaining the required social distancing measures.

Tree removal permits online in the US

A tree removal permit is required when you want to remove a heritage tree, an ordinance-size tree, a street tree, or if the tree is located in a common area such as in the commercial, multifamily, or industrial area. COVID-19 along with the social distancing rules has left a number of removal projects in limbo due to the lack of the necessary permits since most municipality offices are closed. But Ignatiuz digital permit portal makes the online-permit application process simple and catalyzes the speed of availing tree removal e-permit that too without any hassle.

Tree removal permits online in the US

Online Permit Portal

This portal will guide you through the process of submitting an online permit application. In order to submit an application, you must possess legal entitlement to do so. you must also be prepared to serve all the detail information required. It will take approximately 10 to 20 minutes to complete the online permit application. The application process is broken down into the below given steps:

Online Permit Portal

Step 1: Applicant’s information

You are required to first enter all your personal information before you can proceed to the next step. You should make sure that you fill in every detail without error. Keep all your documents handy so entering information is a breeze.

Step 2: Location details

The next step is the exact location details. You will be asked to specify the location or locations where you wish to obtain the permit for. You should be specific in this step so the authorities are aware of which location you want to receive a permit for.

Step 3: Work details

The government permit software then requires you to specify what type of work you need to get done at a particular location or locations. Do you want to build something at the location? Do you want to remove a tree at the location? Enter these details in this step.

Step 4: Upload files

In this step, you need to upload the necessary files which are required for applying to the particular permit. Uploading files can be done in a few clicks only with our online portal. The documents will be safely stored and shared with the appropriate authorities to verify and confirm. The Online Permit Portal architecture also respects privacy and ensures all the documents stay confidential to the party accessing it.

Step 5: Review and submission

Regardless of how meticulous you were while entering the data, a thorough review is recommended especially if it is a critical project. This step lets you check whether your information is correct and then submit your permit application.

Step 6: Pay and submit

As you can see, using a series of easy to understand steps, our citizen self service online permit portal offers a quick and effortless solution to your permit needs.

After you successfully submit the information in the portal, you can then choose your desired payment method. You are redirected to a safe way to pay and then you can finally submit your application.

Our Intuitive Permit Portal is the portal that allows residents and vendors to apply for all types of permits like road opening permit, planning and zoning permit, building permit and tree removal permit etc. online. With this new system, you will be able to: submit an application from anywhere 24/7, monitor the status of the application online, and receive notifications via email as your application is reviewed and processed.

If you have any questions, please click on the below given link to get free assistance.

Online Permit Portal In the US

Benefits of Switching to an Online Permit Portal

Online permit portals have a number of advantages over traditional permitting, given that users can submit their permit application online in just a matter of minutes. It is also beneficial for government agencies to move to an online permit portal as it will help keep track of various permits in a more efficient manner.

Here, we explain the benefits of online permit portals.

Helps save time:

One can submit online permit applications in a matter of minutes. In comparison, in the case of traditional permitting, residents would have had to drive to the government office and stand in line for their turn.

Faster processing:

Online permit portals help with faster processing of permits, which reduces turnaround time drastically.


Officers and management will have a view of what stage the permit is at with an e-permitting portal. This increases the accountability of staff and ensures that the permit does not just lay on someone’s desk untouched.

Reduces carbon footprint:

With a number of businesses now going “green”, shifting to an online permit portal can help you reduce your business’ carbon footprint, given that it reduces paperwork significantly.

Improves satisfaction of residents:

Given that online permit portals can offer greater convenience, increased visibility into the process, and reduce turnaround times, an online portal can help improve resident satisfaction.

Further, online permit portal solutions such as the one offered by Ignatiuz also reduce the chance of human errors, thus minimizing entry and filing errors, which, in turn, cut down more time. Reach out to us at pa@ignatiuz.com to know more.

Online permit portal services for municipalities and citizens during the COVID-19 Period

The present pandemic panic has brought challenges that have never been experienced by anyone. One of them is the sudden need for digitization. The world is slowly becoming paperless and contactless as digitization continues to take centerstage. Although digitization and digital transformation techniques and solutions have been widely discussed and debated over for quite some time back, the COVID-19 has certainly pushed world leaders and businesses into transforming these mere ideas to actual workable solutions.

Social distancing is one of the major precautionary measures imposed to prevent the spread of the novel coronavirus. As social distancing is still encouraged across states as the pandemic continues to rage, it is affecting businesses of all sizes as they suddenly find themselves looking at alternatives to ensure business continuity.

Government activities including public renovation projects have also been affected due to the immense challenge that comes with obtaining the required permits. Applying for a permit and submitting a permit usually requires an individual to physically travel to a government office to get their work done. Today, this is not practically feasible.

Travel bans and restrictions still exist across many states in the US which means businesses and people cannot move as freely even to apply for various permits like earlier.

The solution?

An online permit portal that enables people to upload their permits and get them approved online with zero physical contact. It can be further customized as per your business priorities, feel free to reach out to us out, we will be glad to address all your concerns.