Personal Protective Equipment - Inventory Management

PPE Inventory Management

Personal protective equipment (PPE) is used every day by healthcare personnel (HCP) to protect themselves, patients, and others when providing care. PPE helps protect HCP from potentially infectious patients and materials, toxic medications, and other potentially dangerous substances used in healthcare delivery.

Efficient ways to manage the PPE inventory are required now more than ever. We have helped our customers across the globe with highly efficient but easy to use tools.

Personal Protective equipment Inventory Management

Managing PPE Inventory with Microsoft Power Platform

PPE Inventory Management

An intuitive inventory management facilitates to let you manage personal protective equipment inventory in real time. Users can scan barcode of the items as they continue using it and the inventory gets updated in real time, giving you a clearer insight and backfill the orders timely.

The spread of the novel coronavirus has upended lives of people around the world. It has shown us how unpreparedness stretches across different level including public, government and corporates. This is a high time when companies around the globe are looking for quick and easy ways to sail through this hard time and have formulated incident response teams internally.

We joined hands with few global companies involved into providing essential and medical services fighting the pandemic and developed few easy to use tools to assist during this pandemic.

PPE Roadmap