Cloud Solutions

Cloud technology is the wave of the future, and if your business isn’t in the cloud, you are missing out on a streamlined, personalized, and secure experience that gives your team the freedom to work anytime, anywhere.

cloud solutions
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Benefits of Using Cloud Solutions for Your Business

  • Cost savings: Cloud services providers only require you to pay only for what you use and easily implement new services without signing on to licensing commitments.Once your company data is on the cloud, easy access to the company’s data will save time and money throughout the project lifecycle.
  • Security: Work confidently from anywhere in a highly secure environment. First thing first, a cloud host’s full time job is to carefully monitor security, which is far better than a conventional offline system where data is scattered between different IT concerns.
  • Flexibility: App functionality seamlessly adapts to any device for unparalleled access and collaboration. The cloud computing service providers offer businesses more flexibility overall versus hosting on a local server.
  • Accessible Metrics: Conveniently view and analyze your metrics in one place. With your information stored in the cloud, you can easily track anything and build customised reports to analyse information organisation wide.
  • Easy IT Administration: With cloud-based services administration, you can experience fast deployment and automatic software updates, patches, and upgrades.
  • Personalization: Tailor your cloud-based services to your specific business, whether public or private.
  • Competitive: With a cloud-based solution, you can stay a step ahead than your competitors in realizing your ultimate business objectives.
  • Automatic Software Updates: No more forceful updation process. Cloud-based applications by Ignatiuz automatically do refresh and update themselves, instead of forcing an IT department to perform a manual organisation wide update.