Microsoft Azure

Accelerate your business by managing all your resources using Microsoft Azure.

Microsoft Azure
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What Is Microsoft Azure?

Azure is an extensive set of cloud-based services that allow IT professionals and developers to create, utilize, and manage applications through a global network of datacenters.

The Microsoft Azure experts at Ignatiuz have vast experience leveraging Windows Azure cloud computing technologies to build valuable applications for customers quickly and cost-effectively using Ignatiuz Cloud Methodology ©, a streamlined approach to determining, planning, and implementing your migration to the cloud.

Benefits of Using Microsoft Azure Solutions

Microsoft Windows Azure solutions allow us to build, extend, and run custom applications in the cloud, including web, enterprise, and mobile applications. With these robust technologies, we can create customized solutions to help your business grow without the hassle of worrying about servers, network appliances, updates, data backup, support staff, and more.

Here are just some of the benefits of using Microsoft Azure:

  • Benefit from accessibility to all associated partners without the hassle of different login usernames and passwords
  • Reduce your up-front and ongoing costs versus hosting the full platform in-house
  • Change one application and changes will be accessible to all associated partners
  • Decrease the time it takes to get your business application to market
  • Enjoy more flexibility and creativity and less downtime when changes or updates to applications are required
  • Increase scalability without worrying about server capacity as your customer base grows
Application Development

Application Development

Build scalable, cloud-based applications, leveraging microservices architectures and serverless computing – enabling you to provide value-added services in your offering, and allowing customers to more easily adopt and implement your applications.

Integrated Cloud services

Integrated Cloud Services

Deliver fuller features and capabilities for customers, without diverting developer resources, by using services available on Microsoft’s Azure platform.

Developer Operation

Developer Operations

Streamline Developer Operations (DevOps) with a unified application deployment environment. Build, manage, and continuously deliver great solutions by leveraging the powerful DevOps and ALM features of Microsoft’s development platform.

Data Collection

Data Collection

Gain greater insights into customer usage through application data collection and aggregation to drive product improvements and innovation.

Why Choose Ignatiuz to Implement Azure

Our Azure experts can show you how to leverage the power of Azure to address your unique business needs and challenges.

Contact us today to learn more about growing your business with Azure or any of our other cloud services.