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  • Cobblestone Consulting
  • Ocean County Utilities Authority
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  • University of California, San Francisco
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Program Management - An Overview

Program Management is the strategic process of managing multiple related projects working towards a common final goal of a program. Having oversight of several projects and coordinating all at the same time can be a challenging task for a program manager. Here comes the need for robust program management solutions to maintain inter-team transparency, collaborate efficiently and steer multiple projects simultaneously.

With the advent of agile methodologies and the changing landscape of technology, program management tools have become crucial for an organization’s success. At Ignatiuz, we empower you to streamline your processes and achieve excellence with our set of powerful program/ project management tools. With robust features like centralized management, prepared templates and routine task automation among many others, we optimize solutions for your workplace requirements with our program management software and services.

Our Program Management Consultation Services

Smartsheet Solution Creation

Smartsheet is an award-winning program management software that enables teams to collaborate and manage projects within a single environment to achieve optimized results. At Ignatiuz, we customize Smartsheet solutions as per your organizational requirements. Our team of experts first identifies your needs, designs a customized Smartsheet solution and delivers you a ready-to-use and scalable management solution.

Smartsheet Solution Creation
Integration of smartsheet with other system

Integration of Smartsheet with Other Systems

You want to start using Smartsheet but at the same time, don’t want to lose your current systems in place. Don’t worry - at Ignatiuz, we can help you seamlessly integrate your customized Smartsheet solution with your existing systems and program management tools. As a PMO, you can have access to transparent workflow collaborations, real-time reporting and customized visual dashboards with our Smartsheet integrations.


Whether a new tool execution, software integration or program management best practices and methodologies - we also offer expert services of training your team in order to reach their optimal potential and deploy their knowledge to achieve exceptional results. Ignatiuz’s consultancy services are here to support your team at every step of your project management journey.

Program Management Training
Automate Routine Task

Automate Routine Tasks

Using traditional project management methods can result in duplication of tasks leading to inefficiencies in management. With our powerful program management solutions, we enable businesses to manage and automate routine tasks in order to cut operational costs and optimize the productivity of the stakeholders.

Project Management Consulting

Inefficiency in program management can result in incomplete tasks, higher costs and reduced team productivity and morale. At Ignatiuz, our pool of program management experts empowers your team with professional project management consultancy solutions and tailor-made program management tools. Our PM support makes sure that your tasks are completed on time within the fixed budget with the help of team effort and efficient collaboration.

Program Management Consulting
Smartsheet Implementation

Smartsheet Implementation

Our services do not stop at just providing you with the ready-to-use customized Smartsheet solution. We can even help you deploy your Smartsheet solution with a fool-proof implementation plan and assist you along the way with our expert project management consultancy services. We are here to help you at every stage of your program management effort!

Why Ignatiuz

Ignatiuz is a Microsoft Silver Certified Partner and an IT-driven company offering robust digital solutions to scale business growth. With Ignatiuz’s program management solutions, you will be getting access to a pool of experts who will act as your project management partners and help in reaching your targets in a cost-efficient way. We not only offer you program management tools like Smartsheet but most importantly, we provide you with customized solutions as per your business requirements.

A highly user-centric company, our focus is on solving your business’s pain points in order to optimize your results and cut operational costs. Our end-to-end program management services are built to deliver excellence and take your project management efforts to the next level. If you are looking to scale your organizational efficiency, Ignatiuz is your best bet.

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