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Ineffective project management can lead to scope creep, incomplete projects, and unnecessary expenditures. Ignatiuz's project management consultancy services can provide your organization with expert PM support to make sure projects are successfully completed on time and within budget. Whether you utilize our PMs as a part of your customer's integrated management team or as a single contact point, we can help you achieve your business objectives.

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The Perils Of Poor Project Management

Project management is a crucial function that can make or break a business and has a pivotal role to play behind the growth curve of the business. It has several subtle yet critical aspects that are essential for the successful execution and completion of the project. And, poor project management will not only impact the success of the particular project but also it will have a snowball effect across the entire business.

Poor project management will create a huge disparity between the anticipated and actual outcome of the project, leading to unwarranted delays in achieving milestones. And, in some cases, it may incur unbudgeted resource utilization, both in terms of time and monetary resources.

Inefficient management has the potential to impair the interpersonal relationship between the management and the employees, which will further cause employee disengagement, lack of dedication and confidence at work. Employees may resist changes and not value the decisions rolled out. This will impact the business’s long-term objectives to be realized.


Why it is vital to get the right Project Management partner

Though many may believe that they have a robust project management practice in place, there are several scenarios that may lead to project disruptions, and failures. Here comes the role of project management consultancy companies, who can step in to take a holistic approach to your business’s project management needs.

Ignatiuz offers comprehensive, seamless, and scalable project management consultancy services to help you achieve your ultimate business objectives. Our project management practices and solutions leverage the latest technologies and trends to streamline your entire project workflow, eliminate bottlenecks, and optimize processes.

We have the tools, technologies, and experience to provide efficient, cost-effective project management services. Contact us today to learn how partnering with Ignatiuz can benefit your business.

Project Management Tools


Enabling teams to accomplish more, efficiently, with Smartsheet.

We help organizations plan, manage, automate, and report on work at scale, enabling teams to move from idea to impact. By combining Collaborative Work Management and Automation software solutions with our Project Management and Technology expertise, we maximize teams’ productivity and project success.

Smartsheet is an award-winning, cloud-based project management, work automation, and collaboration solution for managing work and projects with exceptional speed to business value.

Define or enhance your PMO strategy, roadmap, and processes – develop your Portfolio and Project Management Standards, Methodology, Processes, Best Practices, and Templates based on your unique organizational culture and PMO structure.

Essential tools for effective portfolio and project management – from Project Intake to Execution and Closure. Streamline work by utilizing industry-leading Portfolio and Project Management technology solutions and automated workflows.

Real-time visibility into business-critical KPIs – a robust, real-time Kanban view into the status of top KPIs, critical trends, and summary reports using easy-to-build and visual Dashboards and Scorecards.


Simple, user-configured automation accelerates execution – utilizing Smartsheet’s Control Center, we provide our client with a comprehensive and modern Portfolio and Project Management tool to streamline and automate the provisioning of projects with standardized templates and automate approval workflows.

Contact us to know more about our FastTrack process to transform your Project Management and cross functional collaboration into Smartsheet.


Project delivery success the lean way.

Visualize your team's work as it flows through your process



Instant status updates for everyone – anytime, anywhere


Shared understanding of who's working on what


Streamlined and centralized communications for all

Contact us to know more about our FastTrack process to transform your Project Management lean way and build Kanban dashboard for better real time visibility into LeanKit.

Why Ignatiuz?

Want to make your next project a success? Then, look no further! Here are some of the key reasons why you should consider us as your project management company.

A Proactive approach to project management

Project management involves numerous functional aspects from ideation to planning to execution to tracking the project lifecycle. And, with businesses taking on a project-intensive approach, it might be tricky for the project managers to keep an eye on every aspect of the project. Our project management consultants adopt a proactive approach when it comes to helping our customers/clientele in achieving greater project success. Our proven solutions help businesses clearly define the project scope and set SMART goals for boosting the project success rate.

A Proactive approach to project management
Actionable Insights into Project Management

Actionable Insights into Project Management

Our robust project management services and solutions offer deep, data-driven, and actionable insights into every aspect of the project. Businesses can leverage our real-time, detailed, analysis-rich reports for decision-making.

Access an Expert Pool of Professionals

At Ignatiuz, we have an expertise-rich pool of professionals, who can be tapped into for your next big project. We can be your perfect project management partners. You don’t have to keep them on your payroll and this will help you save a lot on pays and perks. Still, you will have the opportunity to leverage their professional expertise to achieve your project and ultimate business objectives. This is a far more cost-efficient approach than keeping an in-house pool of experts.

Access an Expert Pool of Professionals
Comprehensive Project Management

Comprehensive Project Management

Our project management consultants have the expertise to manage projects of any size, scale, and complexity. They can even offer customized solutions to suit your specific project needs for ensuring a higher ROI, and growth. With Ignatiuz’s project management consultancy services, you are assured to have an efficient and quick turnaround time for all your projects.

Talk to us to know more about how project management consultancy services can help you supercharge your business.