Microsoft’s Compliance Management Program

Microsoft has come up with a new compliance solution which will make Complains process hassle-free and easily manageable with the help of Microsoft cloud services – Compliance Manager.

This compliance manager will help the organizations to manage the data protection and regulatory standards more easily and simplify their complex General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) compliance journey. Microsoft has released the Compliance Manager for the public preview available from November 2017 and the full version is expected to be released in earlier 2018.

Microsoft has involved three key aspects, which will help the organizations cope up with the whole process:

Real-time Risk Assessment 

Microsoft is going to provide rich dashboard, which will have the summary of the organizational compliance posture by using built-in control management and other audit reporting tools using Microsoft cloud service. Compliance manager enables the organizations to conduct the real-time risk assessments by providing the smart scores that will reflect the organizational compliance performance in contrast to data protection regulatory requirements.

 Actionable Insights 

We can get closer look into Microsoft’s and our responsibility to meet their compliance standards. For each managed control, Microsoft have provided control execution and testing details like the test results, time and scenario. Microsoft will be providing the users with the walk through guidance for control’s implementation and testing with recommended actions. The tool will help the users to understand the features provided by the Microsoft cloud to cleverly implement the controls managed by the users.

Simplified Compliance 

The Compliance manager comes with a control management tool that will be helpful in assigning the tasks and collaboration between the teams more efficiently with the help of which compliance process will become more simplified and manageable. Audit reports with a proof will be available in few clicks minimizing the manual approach to collect the information across multiple teams. Which is very advantageous for concerned officers to get ready for audits by performing pre-assessments.

If you are looking to get updates or assessments for compliance by GDPR deadline May 25, 2018, contact us today at +1-484-876-1867  or send us a message.

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