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HelpDesk App

Happy employees lead to business success. Give them the care they need with Helpdesk, a free to use internal ticketing system by Ignatiuz.

office 365 timesheet

Office 365 Timesheet App

Are you looking for an accurate way to record the amount of time your employees spend on the job each day? Our proprietary Office 365 timesheet app lets you do just that.

IT Change Management

Many businesses and IT departments struggle with inefficiencies due to a lack of an effective change management system.

IT managed services
PPE Inventory Management

PPE Inventory Management

Efficient ways to manage the PPE inventory are required now more than ever. We have helped our customers across the globe with highly efficient but easy to use tools.

Online Permit Portal

Ignatiuz offers an intuitive permit portal to allow the residents and vendors submit permit application and pay fee for permits online.

online permit portal
Smartsheet Project Management tool

Smartsheet Project Management Tool

Smartsheet is powered with new age project managment features and is very similar to MS Excel. Here you will gain some more knowledge about project management.


Vendor Management System

Many workforces are evolving into a mix of different types of workers-- full-time, contract, and everything in between.This changing workforce can make managing vendors difficult and labor intensive.

vendor management system
geographic information management

Geographic Information System

If you work for a city, township, or other municipality, you know the massive amounts of location-based data that is accessed on a daily basis. Wouldn't it be great if there were a way to quickly store and retrieve important data

Food & Beverage License Management System

Local government agencies have a lot to manage - not the least of which is licensing for food and beverage vendors for your many events and activities.

food and beverage license management system

Interactive Multi-Touch

Self Check-In

Self Check-In is an interactive multi-touch app that allows your guests to search their names on an interactive interface and print their badges directly.

self check-in
body temperature screening kiosk

Body Temperature Screening Kiosk

Body temperature screening Kiosk accommodates the need to screen employees by acting as a first line of defense to your company's health.