Food & Beverage License Management

Software for Local Government

Local government agencies have a lot to manage - not the least of which is licensing for food and beverage vendors for your many
events and activities. It can be difficult to process applications, keep track of licensing, accommodate requests from vendors, and stay
on top of other related tasks.

Luckily, we have incredible solutions to make life easier!
Our next-generation food and beverage license management software offers the following benefits:

  • Instant online access to licensing applications, existing licenses, and renewals
  • Enhanced convenience for both city employees and vendors
  • Cost-savings for municipalities with automated processes, freeing up staff to work on other things
  • Increased efficiency with automated workflows for contract management
  • At-a-glance visibility into vendor relationships
  • Much more!
At Ignatiuz, we are dedicated to providing you with solutions to streamline the way you work! We can customize our
vendor management software to fit the specific needs of your local government agency.

Product Reviews

Philip Lisk
PMP, CGCIO, Chief Information Officer, Bergen County Sheriff's Office

Ignatiuz has consistently been a partner in our overall internet presence. Over the years Ignatiuz has provided guidance with their leading edge skills and expertise. Simply stated Ignatiuz is a solution provider for our web development and web facing security needs.

Wayne Reuvers
Live Technology Holdings Inc.

Working with Ignatiuz is a pleasure – they are very smart and always keen to help us figure out how to simplify the most complex problems into usable solutions. They has been our offshore development team for the past 4 years, and we see them as a partner (rather than vendor). They are always ready to put the extra effort to help hit deadlines, and as Gina (head of solutions delivery) puts it: “It’s like magic – we give them the work, and the next morning it is complete and all there. Wonderful!

Michael Yancon

We are a small/medium sized healthcare organization. We have been working with Ignatiuz since December 2009. They developed a custom SharePoint solution for us, including custom views, webparts, and connectors to outside SQL databases. Since then, they have also taken on an active role of server administration for our organization. Over the last two years, there has been around a half dozen instances where an issue has come up that needed immediate attention, and each time Ignatiuz responded in a timely and professional manor, completely addressing and fixing the issue within a very short period of time.

Tom Brooke

I would truly call team Ignatiuz as Kings of SharePoint. They are highly experienced and know each and every nerve of SharePoint. All my requirements from SharePoint installation to development and deployment to testing were served in time and with 100% quality. Wish you a good luck guys.

Ankit Gandhi
Ankit Gandhi Network Adminsitrator, Mercer County
COADJUTANT - CASUAL Rutgers University-Newark School of Public Aairs and Administration

Ignatiuz team has been an absolute joy to work with. They are very pleasant, courteous and knowledgeable. They have been punctual to tasks scheduled and handled migration process very efficiently. We look forward to continue working with team Ignatiuz.