Geographic Information Systems (GIS) Software for Local Government

If you work for a city, township, or other municipality, you know the massive amounts of location-based data that is accessed on a daily basis. Wouldn't it be great if there were a way to quickly store and retrieve important data, view any location with advanced mapping technology, and make life easier for your residents?

Well now there is. Our advanced GIS software offers a secure, user-friendly way for employees and citizens to quickly access relevant information. We can integrate this geoinformation system with your current database to make it as robust as you want it to be.

Here are some of the features and capabilities of this leading-edge geographical information systems software:

  • The GIS mapping software is interactive, easy-to-read maps with layering
  • Works with Google Maps
  • Front-facing tax information and payment options
  • Easy access to property features, including general features, utility lines, construction dates, permissions/permits, property ownership, and much more!
  • Simple sharing with great collaboration tools
  • Fast data collection
  • Cost-savings over in-house staff fielding and processing resident information requests
  • No subscription costs to worry about
  • Archiving and data storage in-house, in the cloud, or a combination of both

What is GIS Software

A Geographical Information System (GIS Software) is essentially designed to store, retrieve, manage, display, and analyze all types of geographic and spatial data. GIS software for the government produces maps and other graphic displays of geographic information for analysis and presentation, which are quite beneficial for the municipal authorities.

GIS software stores information by leveraging spatial indices that make it possible to identify the features located in any arbitrary region of a map. Such data and insights can be beneficial for local authorities for devising community planning, collecting relevant data form the general public, ensuring public safety, etc.

Benefits of GIS for Municipalities and Government Bodies

Governments and municipal authorities are moving towards an increasingly transparent relationship that is aided by technologies. Geographic information systems (GIS) allow authorities to capture, manipulate, analyze, and present data in geographical formats that are more visual and interactive. Municipal authorities can leverage these map-based web and mobile applications to establish transparent communication, to stay alert to potential crimes, and gain more insights pertaining to city planning.

Community Planning

GIS software can be efficiently leveraged in the community planning sphere by government authorities. It offers an interactive, visual representation of the community plan for the stakeholders to view. This makes the community plan more accessible and engaging.

Community Planning
Public Input Collection

Public Input Collection

Government authorities are striving for bringing in a high level of transparency and seeking collaboration from the civic bodies. Civilians can offer the requisite suggestions for infrastructure improvement to the authorities with the GIS software. Assorting public feedback is immensely beneficial for the municipal authorities for taking necessary corrective measures for efficient infrastructure development.

Public Safety Data Gathering

GIS software has been pivotal in facilitating the collaboration between public and law enforcement authorities. Citizens can share crime-related tips with the authorities and can access valuable information about their city and surroundings with the interactive GIS maps. It allows citizens to provide real-time reports on problems and offer ideas for improvement.

Public Safety Data Gathering
Public Reporting

Public Reporting

Real-time citizen reports are pivotal for assisting municipal authorities to pinpoint non-emergency issues like potholes and non-working street lamps, etc. While such tasks may be time and resource-intensive, with GIS software, this can be much more convenient, and cost-effective. GIS systems enable data gathering more efficiently.

Using their smartphone cameras, citizens can take snapshots of illegally-parked cars, standing water, and other infrastructure-related issues. The GIS system automatically files the report as a work order with the proper department, using the device’s GPS to mark the location when dispatching service requests.


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What to look for in your GIS software

If you are considering investing in a geoinformation system (GIS), you should keep these 5 important points in mind.

Requirement assessment and mapping:

It is important to do a complete assessment to understand exactly what data sets will need to be made available on the software platform. The features of the GIS system should also, ideally, be mapped to the current and future needs of the organization.

Requirement Assessment and Mapping
Open source vs licensed

Open source vs. proprietary licensing:

While an open-source GIS software application could help you with your basic requirements, the application will likely offer only limited support. If you require timely updates, increased security, and priority support, you’ll need to get a licensed version.

Data management and interoperability:

With smartphones becoming increasingly common, GIS software applications that offer mobility support are in demand. It is now possible for the software to offer full-vectorial editing functionalities even on low-cost smartphones, helping users update and maintain their GIS data through their smartphones.

Data management and Interoperability


While geographical information systems software is primarily only expected to offer vector data to the user, it’s advisable to opt for a GIS application that also offers features like filters, reporting, and visualization of results, etc.

Mobile support:

While geographical information systems software is primarily only expected to offer vector data to the user, it’s advisable to opt for a GIS application that also offers features like filters, reporting, and visualization of results, etc.

Mobile Support

Why Ignatiuz’s GIS software?

Ignatiuz’s geo-information software is one of the best GIS software tools in the market. This is especially useful for local governments, and the GIS software for townships helps with community planning, collection of public inputs, gathering data from the general public, and public reporting. The GIS software for governments is a must-have for these very reasons.

Ignatiuz’s GIS software is among the top 10 GIS systems available in the market. While there may be many offerings out there, you should make sure to invest in the best GIS software to see the best results. What sets Ignatiuz’s offering apart is that customers can get custom GIS software to suit your specific requirements.

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