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Change Management Software Solutions

Many businesses and IT departments struggle with inefficiencies due to a lack of an effective change management system.

Now you can keep everyone in your organization or department in the loop regarding changes to the IT infrastructure. Our leading-edge change management software eliminates bottlenecks, missed information, and other barriers that affect your business's overall performance.

Some of the benefits of our change management software include:

  • Standardize your approach to increase overall efficiency
  • Plan, keep track of, and roll back changes from one convenient place
  • Keep team members up-to-date on upcoming, ongoing, and completed changes with automated workflows and communication tools
  • Clearly identify the steps and approvals required for various users throughout the project
  • Easily access real-time information to make informed decisions throughout the process
  • Create and manage your own change advisory board to get changes approved quickly
  • Integrate this software with your existing SharePoint or Office 365 application, regardless of version
Ignatiuz is your Philadelphia-based partner for effective change management. Contact us today to learn
more about how we can customize our change management solutions to deliver the
optimal experience for your business.

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