IT Change Management

IT Change Management
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Many businesses and IT departments struggle with inefficiencies due to a lack of an effective change management system.

Now you can keep everyone in your organization or department in the loop regarding changes to the IT infrastructure. Our leading-edge change management software eliminates bottlenecks, missed information, and other barriers that affect your business's overall performance.

Benefits of IT Change Management

Keeps your customers happy:

Customer Relationship Management will always be at the core of any business model's success plan. Our IT Change Management solutions give you easy access to revamp your IT infrastructure. From small improvements like a fresh coat of paint on your service to larger changes like an improved feature, you can ensure that the customer journey is not affected

Keep your customer happy
Improve live services

Improves live services:

If your business incorporates live services, implementing a change management software becomes even more important. When your customers are always online and constantly interacting with your live service, having a system in place that listens and learns from their feedback will help you make the necessary changes to improve their use of your services.

Monitors all infrastructure changes:

There comes a time in any business where changes may occur that tend to be unforseen or unauthorized. This can be anything from the change in resources you use to the fluctuating productivity of your staff. Our change management software solutions give you complete and total control over such scenarios, so you can keep a close eye on the daily activities of your business and implement a change wherever necessary.

Monitors all infrastructures changes
Boost the moral and efficiency of the staff

Boosts the morale and efficiency of your staff:

Not everyone likes change. You may come across scenarios where staff mementos showcase resistance to a newly implemented practice in your business. To tackle such instances effectively, implementing a change management software is best. This will help regulate any changes in a smoother flow, giving your staff the right support needed to get accustomed to the new practices. Change, of course, is only for the better. So expect to see an improvement in work efficiency and a morale boost in tour staff.

Helps regulate the cost of change:

When the time comes for a change in branding, infrastructure or resources, the cost of implementation can be expensive. Having a change management software in place will help you understand in an organized manner, which part of your business requires a change, thereby giving you a bird's eye view of the budget and ensuring there are no nasty financial surprises that can adversely affect your business continuity.

Helps the regualte cost exchange

Change Management Control App by Ignatiuz

This add-in offers an easy curve to the organization with a quick setup process and user friendly environment. IT Change Management helps to maintains all the information at one place which is useful to track the organizational undergoing events.

IT Change Management App proudly powers

Some of the benefits of our change management software include:

  • Standardize your approach to increase overall efficiency. Leverage our IT change management solution to improve risk management.
  • Plan, keep track of, and roll back changes from one convenient place. All the IT-related changes are stored in a centralized, secure hub, or more precisely in the SharePoint instance, making the change management rather easy, efficient, and reliable.
  • Keep team members up-to-date on upcoming, ongoing, and completed changes with automated workflows and communication tools. with our cutting-edge IT change management solution
  • Clearly identify the steps and approvals required for various users throughout the project. You will have the flexibility to scale up; create as many users or projects as per your business requirement.
  • Easily access real-time information to make informed decisions throughout the process
  • Create and manage your own change advisory board to get changes approved quickly
  • Integrate this software with your existing SharePoint or Office 365 application, regardless of version
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What is IT Change Management

Change management is a crucial aspect of business success and it can be related to various functional units of a business. Businesses need to view change management as a holistic concept and must be aware of its underlying facets such as strategic, tactical, and operation-level changes. All these aspects must be clearly defined and communicated to the respective stakeholders for success and business growth.

IT change management processes are designed to help businesses manage the lifecycle of strategic, operational, and tactical changes pertaining to their IT service portfolios. This can be achieved through standardization and streamlining of IT-related processes. IT services are at the core of a business’s functional well-being and any disruptions in the IT-related processes or infrastructures will have rather wide-scale repercussions. IT change management aims at controlling the risk factors and minimizing the disruption to IT services and business operations as a whole.

what is IT Change Management
What is IT Change Management Software

What is IT Change Management Software

IT change management software are tech-enabled, cutting-edge solutions that aim to empower businesses, helping them manage risks efficiently. It enables businesses to monitor, manage, and optimize change management through all stages of the change process pertaining to IT services, and infrastructure.

The software comes with the next-gen, robust capabilities of automation, which in turn, ensures a faster adoption. The key stakeholders in a business will have greater control over the critical and subtle yet underlying aspects.

Ignatiuz is your Philadelphia-based partner for effective change management. Contact us today to learn more about how we can customize our change management solutions to deliver the optimal experience for your business.

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The 7Rs of Change Management

When raising a change request, IT Change Management software can help minimize the chances of change rejection by addressing the 7Rs:

  • Who was responsible for raising the change?
    Given how many sources, entry points, and stakeholders request for different changes, it’s important to identify exactly who is responsible for raising a change request before your IT team begins to work on the change. The best way to do this is by having an IT change management system in place that can record all the changes, and indicate who has requested the change. You’ll find that a system like this will be extremely beneficial during an audit.
  • Is there a reason for the change?
    The answer to this can help avoid making changes that have minimum business benefits but are high risk. Regardless of the type of change that has been requested, it is important that the change should have passed through a portfolio analysis criteria. Manually doing this for every change request you get is undoubtedly difficult, that’s why you should have IT change management software.
  • What is the return expected from the change?
    Ideally, change management support should be provided once you know the return from the change before implementing it.
  • What are the risks involved?
    All changes involve risk, so it’s important to consider this. While some risks can be averted, you will need to accept a few risks. Your change management software will help you view the requested changes and decide if there is any risk involved if you make the change or avoid making it. While you may not be able to determine the exact level of risk involved, you can usually estimate the amount of risk that you will be taking on with IT change management software.
  • What are the resources that are required to deliver a particular change?Consider the resources required to implement the change. It’s important to consider the availability of human resources and infrastructure required to use the IT change management software. It’s also important that the current change you are working on should not impact the other projects that are being done by the company.
  • Who will take on the responsibility of creating, testing, and implementing the change through the IT change management tool?The responsibilities should be actionable, traceable, and enforceable during the change management. Make sure that the people who manage the change are able to give an answer to this. Your IT change management tracking software will be able to do this for you.
  • What is the relationship between the change suggested and the other changes?This can be difficult to answer, however, it is important to identify the relation between changes. Failure to do this may affect the timeline of the project negatively.

In the current IT environment, there are likely to be several new business requirements that need your attention on an immediate basis. Unless you have an effective IT change management process in place to manage these changes, it is likely you will service outages on a regular basis, which may then affect the reliability of your business. To keep this from happening, invest in Ignatiuz’s IT change management software. Get in touch with our experts today to learn more about how you can benefit from our IT change management software.