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Ignatiuz: Your Partner for Open edX Learning Management System Implementation

In today's rapidly evolving digital landscape, organizations and educational institutions are seeking innovative learning solutions to meet the diverse needs of their learners. As a certified partner for Open edX implementation, Ignatiuz is dedicated to providing comprehensive services that leverage the power of the Open edX Learning Management System (LMS) to create engaging, high-quality online courses.

Our Open edX Services at Ignatiuz include:

  1. Strategic Consultation: Our team of experts collaborates with clients to understand their learning objectives, target audience, and technical requirements. We develop tailored strategies to ensure seamless Open edX implementation that aligns with their goals and enhances the overall learning experience.
  2. Customization and Development: Ignatiuz’s experienced developers customize the Open edX platform to meet the unique needs of your organization or institution. This includes custom branding, user interface modifications, third-party integrations, and the development of new features or functionality.
  3. Course Design and Authoring: We offer support in creating engaging and effective online courses using Open edX’s built-in authoring tools. Our instructional designers collaborate with subject matter experts to develop course content, learning activities, and assessments that follow best practices in online pedagogy.
  4. Training and Support: Ignatiuz provides training for educators and administrators on using the Open edX platform, ensuring they have the skills and knowledge required to manage online courses effectively. We also offer ongoing support, including troubleshooting and technical assistance, to ensure the smooth operation of your Open edX implementation.
  5. Analytics and Reporting: We help clients leverage Open edX’s advanced analytics tools to track student progress, measure course effectiveness, and inform data-driven decision-making. Our team can also create custom reports tailored to the specific needs of your organization or institution.
  6. Migration and Integration: If you’re transitioning from another LMS to Open edX or looking to integrate the platform with existing systems, our team can assist with seamless migration and integration processes to minimize disruption and ensure a smooth user experience.

By choosing Ignatiuz as your partner for Open edX implementation, you can unlock the full potential of digital learning and create engaging, high-quality online courses that cater to the diverse needs of today's learners. Our team of experts is committed to providing the guidance, support, and technical expertise required for a successful Open edX implementation, empowering clients to excel in the modern digital learning landscape

COVID-19 has disrupted our personal and professional lives substantially. Global national governments, authorities, and frontline workers are adopting an aggressive strategy and execution approach to contain the further spread of the virus, combat ever-growing casualties, and bringing in the sense of equilibrium. However, normalcy seems far-fetched as of now.

Considering the ever-growing positive cases of COVID-19, staying indoors, maintaining social distance are becoming norms. Similarly, working from home has become the new normal in the professional domain as several top-notch organizations irrespective of their size and scale are embracing this concept enthusiastically. The working from home culture has saved numerous hours and the daily hassle associated with travel and employees are leveraging this as an opportunity for remote learning. While Learning Management Systems (LMS) have gained considerable adoption in the last decade, it is gaining even more ground lately.

Learning management systems Software, or LMS Software, are no longer limited to corporates and large-scale enterprises. Today, there are several new-generation academic institutions, who are adopting this tech trend to revolutionize the learning ecosystem, and practices.

Level Up with Learning Management Systems by Ignatiuz

Many learning management platforms only offer the ability to create courses and are frustrating and hard to use for the content creator and learners. Our powerful learning management and training management system lets you simulate a real classroom by allowing you to create courses, learn, or teach any subject and provide course creators and learners instant online access anytime, from anywhere.

Educational institutions benefit from the robust capabilities this this course management system offers to provide leading-edge learning tools that are user-friendly for the student, the educator, and the administrator. A Moodle-certified LMS can be a worthwhile investment for any educational institute. Our Moodle-certified learning management system can be branded to look like your website and marketing materials for consistency.

Business organizations appreciate the ability to offer online learning to provide initial and ongoing training to employees, including assessment tools to gauge understanding of concepts learned.


Our leading-edge Open edX® certified learning management system online learning software lets you easily create the following:

  • Discussion forums (with moderation capabilities)
  • Multimedia course content including video, audio, text, images, and PDF files
  • A fully responsive course website for learners to access on a variety of devices
  • Live classes with a discussion board for real-time interaction
  • Conferences
  • Quizzes/Tests using our native feature
  • Tutorials
  • A blog to show authority, share updates, and disburse valuable information to students
  • Online payment options
  • And more!

An attractive, user-focused learning experience helps to keep learners motivated and engaged. Our Open edX® learning management system is highly customizable, and you can use our domain or connect it to your own domain. Marketing and analytics tools help you incentivize enrollment and monitor signups and revenue.

Whether you are an educational institution looking to provide an amazing, comprehensive online learning platform for students or an organization looking to provide convenient, engaging training options for employees, we've got you covered. Contact Ignatiuz today to learn how we can scale our learning management system to meet your diverse needs. Our learning management system (LMS software) is among the most rapidly adopted learning management systems in the market.

What is an LMS

A learning management system or LMS is at the core of the entire concept of remote learning or an eLearning platform. It is an online learning software or application that essentially comprises a server and a user interface. While the server is responsible for course content creation, periodic, real-time content updates, seamless course delivery, the user interface is mostly leveraged for administration purposes and for the learners and the instructors to view the courses online.

Put simply, a learning management system software helps you distribute content in a cost-efficient manner. Thus, by choosing the best learning management system, you can drastically cut down the time needed for onboarding and training. Further, the learning management software helps you create specific learning plans and measure the effectiveness of the training. Learning management platforms are also extremely helpful for learners since they can access the content anywhere and at any time. This boosts knowledge retention and knowledge engagement, which in turn plays a pivotal role in improving work performance.

How can an LMS Benefit Businesses?

Learning Management Systems can greatly impact both employee and organizational growth in a myriad of ways. Here are a few key benefits:

Multi-pronged Solution

Businesses are evolving rapidly and so are their ways of operation. Technological advancements demand the workforce to be equally skilled and adapt to meet the existing, and upcoming demand. This gives rise to a multi-faceted L & D requirement for businesses aiming to stay competitive. An LMS system essentially equips organizations with a one-stop solution for all their L & D needs by offering a secure, centralized location on the cloud for storing all of their course-related resources. With the best LMS software, the concept of online study has been redefined. Now, employees can access the course content anytime, anywhere with just an internet-enabled device, and authorized login credentials. This eventually eliminates the need for physical data storage and evades data security challenges.

Multi-pronged Solution
Learning process optimization

Learning Process Optimization

A learning management platform enables organizations to keep a tab on the learning curve, progress, and performance of individual employees in real-time. It offers robust and data-driven insights for employees to do a self-analysis, analyze their strong and weak areas, which, in turn, opens up further improvement opportunities for employees.

Higher Employee Engagement & Productivity

Businesses irrespective of their size, and scale aim at attaining a higher employee engagement and productivity. Here comes the role of continuous learning that opens up significant growth opportunities for individual employees that result in higher employee productivity. Boosting employee productivity and performance, in the long run, can be attributed to the online learning platforms or LMS. Learning management systems make it substantially easy for the employees to stay updated with the latest trends in their market landscape, learn about the best practices and guidelines that would offer them a competitive edge against their counterparts.

Higher Employee Engagement & Productivity
Mobile Friendly


With the nature of businesses evolving and becoming more digital, it’s important for your employees to have access to training content at all times from anywhere, and at any time. Ignatiuz’s learning management software solution allows learners to access training material on any device, including their mobiles.


Learning management systems need minimal time, resources, and infrastructure. It replaces the instructor-led classroom training with a more accessible, secure, and convenient virtual learning environment. These LMSs might involve a reasonable price in terms of subscriptions, organizations have the opportunity to save a lot of other overhead costs in terms of travel, physical infrastructure, and paper-heavy documentation. Organizations enjoy the flexibility to invest the budget in creating new courses and optimizing the existing ones with additional value-added features for equipping their employees with new-age technology trends.

eLearning platforms have a lucrative future and more and more businesses are anticipated to make the switch from conventional training to the much accessible, and convenient online learning. If you are eager to make the switch, check out the best learning management system solutions offered by Ignatiuz.


What are the Various Use Cases of a Learning Management System?

A few tasks that learning management systems automate are as follows:

  1. Onboarding: With a learning management system software, companies can automate the employee onboarding process entirely. You only need to create an effective training program once and update it as necessary – the same program can then be assigned to all learners. This helps new employees get the necessary training on time, thus, increasing their productivity.
  2. Customer training: Many organizations use learning management platforms to offer training to customers. This is especially important for technology and software companies that need to acquaint their customers with their products. Offering customer training through a learning management system will also help you provide a lot more value to people who use your products and services.
  3. Employee development training: As a business, it’s important for you to hone the skills of your employees, so they can perform better at the workplace. Using a learning management system will help you support the training and development needs of your employees. You can use the learning management system software to assign new training courses to employees, so they can acquire the necessary job skills.
  4. Compliance training: Compliance regulations – both internal and external – can change from time to time. It’s important for all employees within your organization to adhere to these guidelines at all times. However, manually intimating each employee of new compliance regulations is a time-consuming process. Instead, you can use learning management software to help your employees stay up-to-date on the latest compliance regulations. Whenever needed, you can simply include new compliance standards in the online training course and have your employees go through the necessary training.
  5. Sales training: The best learning management systems can help you train your sales reps effectively, even if they are located in different cities or geographic locations. You can help them work on their sales and soft skills using the learning management system software alone.
  6. Training partners: As your organization grows, you may have to bring new partners on board. It is more than likely that partners will not all be located in the same city. But, you can easily facilitate their training using a learning management platform.

To understand more use cases of a learning management system software, reach out to our learning management platform consultants at Ignatiuz today.


How to Choose the Right LMS?

To ensure you choose the right learning management system (LMS) software, here’s what you need to consider:

Determine your business’ L&D objectives:

Before you look for a new learning management platform, understand what are the core learning and development objectives. This will help you choose an LMS that meets the needs of your business.

Review the skills of your team when choosing the software:

When choosing learning management software, make sure to also take into account the individual skill sets and talents of your co-workers. You’ll want to ensure the software has the functionality to play into their strengths.

Assess your company’s current learning and development strategy

It’s a good idea to go through your company’s present L&D strategy to check if there are any specific improvements that can be made and what is currently working effectively. Doing this is important since it will help you select a learning management system that can promote the training objectives of your company.

Get feedback from your staff:

Ask your staff what features they would like the new learning management system to have. Check if they would like any particular tools that can make their job a little easier. Your staff will be responsible for helping your customers make optimum use of the new digital learning strategy, so their feedback is extremely important.

Review the technical limitations:

When looking for a new learning management system software, make sure to assess how the new system can be integrated with the software or technology you currently have. If there are any limitations, take them into account.

Check if essential features are offered

With the number of LMS systems that are available in the market, it can become difficult to narrow down a particular software that offers the features that you need for your business. This is why defining the essential features and functions you need will help you pick the right LMS software.

Review the reliability of the LMS vendors

Ask the LMS vendors that get in touch with you about their qualifications, background, skill sets, and experience when you interview them. Also, it’s a good idea to check if you can find any reviews or ratings for the company - this will help you understand how the company managed their past clients.

Check the support services offered:

It’s important to check whether the LMS company offers you round-the-clock support. Also, consider whether they can help troubleshoot issues that you or your staff may encounter in the future. The best learning management systems offer good support to customers.

Is the LMS software adaptable?

Of course, the LMS software you zero in on should meet your current requirements, but it should also help you in the long run. So, check if the LMS system will be easy to maintain and if there will be regular updates. You can also check if it can adapt to any needs that the software may have in the future.

Check if the company can give you a live demo

Don’t hesitate to ask for a live demonstration that will help you understand how the training management system works. This will help you decide if the features of the LMS are in line with your requirements and wants, and whether the scalability and usability match what you are looking for.

Check the data tracking abilities

The best LMS software tools should also have data tracking abilities that can help you gauge how the learners are performing and if there are any areas the course needs to be fine-tuned in.

When it comes to providing customized and target-specific LMS solutions, Ignatiuz ticks all the right boxes. Speak to us today for a quote.

Choosing the best Learning Management Software for your organization

With the increasing need for LMS software, organizations have a plethora of options at their disposal. In such a scenario, finding the right learning management platform for your enterprise can be a tricky task. In fact, picking up the best seems to take a toll on your time and money. Each software has variants of features to offer, and then each has to be in line with your organization’s size and needs. With that being said, there are certain check-points to consider before opting for the best Learning Management Software.

1. Decide on your objectives

Before hopping on the LMS software, determine the core objectives you want to achieve with the LMS. Making critical checkpoints will help you choose the LMS that will meet your e-learning purpose and development needs and would be suitable for your target audience.

2. Consider the skills of your l&d team when evaluating the LMS

For instance, if you choose the LMS, which is simple and user-friendly but does not match the specific talents and skill sets of your L&D team, you may not get the intended results.

3. Assess the technical limitations

When choosing an LMS, evaluate how the learning system will merge with your existing platform or software. Also, look for if the LMS supports mobile platforms too.

4. Review the experience and background of the LMS vendors

Be sure of the online reviews for the LMS and company. Customer reviews are very authentic and a way to know how the LMS providers deal with their customers.

5. Support services are critical

Does the company offer round the clock customer support service? Ask the vendors questions about the support or troubleshooting services they provide in case of an emergency.

6. Adaptability of the learning management system software

An LMS may meet all of your current needs and requirements, but it should be scalable to future organizational rules also. You may not want to spend bucks again on a new LMS a year from now.

7. Demonstration or a trial period

Through a live demo, you will be able to know if the LMS features and adaptability are in line with your organizational L&D objectives. It is a significant investment for your company, so every decision counts.

Case Studies

Custom Open edX LMS Enables NY Government Agency to Deliver Efficient Employee Training

Our custom Open edX LMS streamlined employee training for a NY government agency, ensuring efficiency, accessibility, and security. Success: cost savings and improved training effectiveness.