Unlocking true potential of your IT investments

Back in the days when we entered corporate world, the biggest challenge was to find the right help to solve tens of technical challenges we had. Rarely we could find someone to work on those. IT seemed mostly about maintenance and support and they usually had too much on their plate to really jump in the trenches with us. Consultants were mostly interested in projects with 6-figure budgets, a project manager, an architect, and an off-shore team of developers for 6 months. A lot of real-life needs just couldn’t be addressed, because they didn’t justify that kind of cost and effort.

With the rapid innovation taking place today, several new intelligent products and immersive experiences are being invented. This gives the need to find ways to leverage innovative digital technologies without getting tangled into the old consulting models. The key to success is identifying a robust plan for digital engagement using fast-track transformation channels and derive maximum value of the investments.

That’s where we come in. We’ve built a practice around the idea of making your life simpler. Our one-on-one consulting services let you skip all that management overhead. Buy a block of hours for a price that might even fit below your company card’s purchase threshold. Then you can get on a call, tell us the problem, and get some actual help. We’ve got deep and broad expertise in SharePoint and Office 365 and a trainer’s mind-set. We can coach you to strengthen your skills - or build something to solve the problem. Either way you look like a hero.

It’s like buying yourself a gift card. Get started. Get smarter. Get done.


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