Flexibility and Variations – 2 important aspects of Digital Asset Management

Often, we find ourselves in a situation that we need to crop a specific part of an image/asset or adjust the image height/width with proper aspect ratio or need to have multiple variations of the asset. That’s where the Flexibility and Variations features of our LivePlatform DAM helps to achieve these functionalities with great ease and simplicity.

Flexibility is a feature of DAM, where it allows to have crops of a Digital Asset in various sizes, which can be used as per the need. It allows to create a rectangle on top of the asset to define the crop size, which then allows to have different sizes and crops of the same asset.

On the other hand, Variation allows you to manage different kinds of images for the same Asset. E.g. a corporate logo may exist in plain color or logo without tag-line or B&W logo etc.

Following video will take you through the steps of how easy it is to use above Flexibility and Variations in our DAM.

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