Why Microsoft Exchange Online is better than Google Apps?

  • Google apps treats an email thread as a conversation. All the replies and forwards are added to a single thread which makes it a little confusion and complicated to identify the messages in the thread. On the other hand, Exchange Online allows you to keep the messages individually so that it is easy for you to locate a particular message.
  • Microsoft Exchange Online supports folder ordering for email messages. The messages can be moved to a folder for ease of access while in Google apps, the email messages can just be marked and not actually moved to a folder. It allows you to create different marks and mark messages to group them up.
  • If you are using a web mail on Outlook, you can have your data synchronized with Microsoft Exchange freely. But if you are using Google mail on Outlook, you need an additional plugin to be installed for keeping the data between the Outlook and Google apps synchronized. Also if you are using any other email client except Outlook, you won’t be able to keep your data synchronized as Google does not provide any plugin for other clients.
  • The Microsoft Exchange Server calendar offers seamless capabilities as compared to Google apps calendar. Activities like meeting invitations and setup are a handy task in Exchange server than Google apps.
  • One of the biggest advantages of Microsoft Exchange Server is consistency. Exchange Server and Outlook maintain navigational and functional consistency despite of providing new capabilities in every update. On the other hand, Google apps is not very much consistent. The navigational layout and other structure is changed in every update making it a little difficult and time consuming while learning every update.
  • While using Google apps you might have to face compliance issue as your mails are hosted on same server that contains all other Google mail ID’s.It may create compliance issue for users as they don’t know where their mails are being stored while in Microsoft Exchange environment users are well aware of these things and do not face such problems.
  • Microsoft Exchange Server serves requirements like tasks, notes and journals etc. which are basic necessities of most of the businesses. These items are not available in Google apps.
  • Microsoft Exchange Server lets you manage your contacts much efficiently. There are large numbers of fields for storing more information about your contacts in Microsoft Exchange as against Google apps which offers limited contact information.
  • With Microsoft Exchange Server, you can have different signatures for new messages and replies while in Google apps, you can configure only a single signature for both the new messages and replies.
  • Exchange Server lets users flag messages for different dates while in Google apps, the messages can just be marked important or starred.
  • Outlook offers many options for customized delivery which Google does not yet support. This includes delivery receipts, read receipts, sensitivity flags and voting buttons.

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