Keynote – Apple’s WWDC

The first day at Apple’s Worldwide Development Conference was exciting. Apple had a lot of announcements to be made. Check the blurbs of the hearth throbbing 2 hours of conference.

Mac OS X El Capitan – Announcement of Mac OS X El Capitan with improved gestures the capability to fill the sides of the screen & the natural language processing ability for spotlight search. The good news for Gamers is Apple is bringing Metal API to Mac from iOS which would help in getting better graphics without any additional hardware.

iOS9 – Along iOS 9 Apple released its Proactive Assistant helping in setting reminder for the whole day. In the conference Apples is not insisting to saving everything on cloud instead Apple is focusing on customers’ needs with the available resources they have in their phone making it more attractive to those who are bit cautious about their privacy.

iPad – In iPad section Apple has launched Real Multitasking, facilitating users to use multiple application simultaneously at the same time, which is for the first time in tablet. For the recent iPhone models the basic version will be functioning while the latest model iPad Air 2 will support all split screen with any app.

Apple Watch – The apple watch was another highlight for the day. Announcement of Native aap SDK, which will help developer to make apps that, will support the watch itself instead of background of paired phone. Developers will have new features like video playback, along with heart rate sensor, digital crown, Microphone, Taptic engine make the watch more advance then what we saw at the launch.

Apple Music – The debut of Apple Music was another star for the first day of conference. For just $9.99/month, the user can access huge streaming catalogue, the Beat1 radio station and the latest social tool called Apple Connect which facilitates in interacting with musicians. Apple Music will be launched on 30th June and will be available for iOS, New iTunes aap on Mac and Windows along with Android by the end of this year. Watch a quick video showcasing features of Apple Music.

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