The Evolution of Marketing

It all started from Apes when evolved to humans and started living together and created a market place for product & services. People used to live in small groups and each group was itself a market, different from others and having its own small markets.


The only method of marketing was hearing in a chit chat from their friend and family. So we can say that they were using the basic mouth to mouth publicity for marketing the product. But it was not good because on marketer in one market were unaware of the marketers in the other. As a result of poor, the market was not competitive neither was too big to benefit from economies of scale.

“Things Changed”
People started living in bigger group, close to each other, then came the era of, Television and Newspaper. Market grow from national to international , form countries to global scale and the marketers emerged and came mass marketing. The same marketers were known to consumers from different consumers group. Competitiveness in the market reached a new level & marketers have to work far more effectively to create a brand differentiation.
This situation provoked the Global players, they entered in the market and enjoyed the Monopolistic type of market due to high availability if funds resulting in huge marketing campaign and keeping small players below their foot. But the picture was not the way it was showed


“Things Again Changed”

With the influx of Internet, each person is connected and talking to many other. Consumer got more and more options, many different brands. New brands were marketed faster as more people were talking to each other on global platform influencing each other’s purchasing decision.


The multimillion dollar marketers, not liked by customers were vanished overnight. Small players with better quality of products and good marketing were getting overnight popularity with minimum investment in marketing. And the situation changed, small mouse sized marketers became enough big to make the otherwise the bigger one to dance on their tune.

The market changed and the few of them reached new heights adapting with the environment and the updated market scenario.


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