Changing SharePoint 2010 Default Font Family and Font Size

Here are the steps to change default font size in SharePoint 2010

1. I am using the CSS from Serve’s Blog Copy this CSS or create a new CSS file in SharePoint Designer as below:

 .ms-bodyareacell td, .ms-bodyareacell p, .ms-bodyareacell div, .ms-bodyareacell span,
 .ms-bodyareacell p, .ms-bodyareacell a,.ms-bodyareacell a:active, .ms-bodyareacell a:hover,
 .ms-bodyareacell a:link, .ms-bodyareacell a:visited,.ms-bodyareacell td,.ms-bodyareacell div,
 .ms-bodyareacell font

 font-family:Trebuchet MS,Verdana, Arial;
 letter-spacing: normal;

 .ms-bodyareacell h3 a, .ms-bodyareacell h3 span, .ms-bodyareacell h3 div,.ms-bodyareacell h3 p,
 .ms-bodyareacell h3 font


2. Save your CSS file. In this case, I am calling as custom2.css and saving this file in style library.

3. Open your master page and add a reference to your new custom2.css file.

4. Now go back to your SharePoint page and edit. You will see your default font is changed to what ever you specified in your CSS.

This is how you can change SharePoint 2010 default font to something you like.

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