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Smartsheet is a set of powerful project management tools that help businesses in streamlining their processes in order to achieve synergistic efficiency and scalability. The Smartsheet tool enables organizations to deploy end-to-end automated workflows and seamless collaboration among teams within a single ecosystem resulting in reduced operational costs and higher productivity. Similar to MS Excel, Smartsheet task management software is extremely user-friendly and simple.

At Ignatiuz, we aim to mitigate the problems that arise out of traditional project management processes like duplication of work, lack of transparency and many more. With various features like real-time reporting, multiple data views, rich app integration among others, Smartsheet software is more than just a collaboration tool - it is a holistic cloud-based platform for all your new-age agile project management needs.

Our Offerings

Highly Customizable

The Smartsheet software enables you to easily modify and tweak the application as per your organizational requirements. We help you with designing and implementing customized Smartsheet solutions as per your needs. The flexibility of the software steers team synergy, innovative solutions and helps organizations scale faster.

Highly customizable
Seamless integration

Seamless Integration

We support you with the seamless integration and implementation of the Smartsheet tool into your organization with pre-built and customizable templates. The set-up enables your organization’s stakeholders to have a real-time view of the processes, collaborate efficiently and report on a unified visual dashboard.

User-friendly Interface

The Smartsheet project management tool is as simple as Microsoft Excel. With its easy-to-use functionalities, Smartsheet helps users to quickly adapt to the interface and collaborate with confidence. Additionally, we can help you in making processes simpler by designing unique Smartsheet solutions specifically for your organization.

User friendly interface

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Template Gallery

Smartsheet - PPE Inventory Management

PPE Inventory Management

Smartsheet - Employee Master

Employee Master

Smartsheet - Project tracker

Project Tracker

Managing Your Tasks, Processes, and Projects Have Become Easier with Smartsheet A Unified Project Management Tool

Today, over 90% of Fortune 100 companies and 75% of Fortune 500 companies are using the Smartsheet platform to manage their projects. Smartsheet tool is empowering teams and organizations to plan, execute, and report work dynamically, resulting in more efficient processes and better business outcomes.

From managing tasks to complex management of project portfolios, Smartsheet provides a flexible solution to streamline workflows, eliminate silos, increase productivity, and achieve more.

Why Ignatiuz

Ignatiuz is a Microsoft Silver Certified Partner providing new-age workplace software and service solutions. We provide customizable and practical digital solutions for your unique organizational needs and strictly adhere to user-centric design more than anything else.

Our partnership with the Smartsheet software allows us to provide you with an array of project management solutions like project planning, progress capturing and reporting among others. We provide end-to-end services - from integration to implementation of the software - with customized solutions as per your needs and pre-built templates to choose from.

If you want to implement Smartsheet into your organization and don’t know where to start, we are here to help.

Read our case studies to understand more about how Ignatiuz can help you with integrating Smartsheet.

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Case Studies

Smartsheet - Recruitment Management & Tracking

Recruitment Tracker and Recruitment Dashboard are the custom-made Smartsheet oriented solutions developed by Ignatiuz Software. It offer ample of scalability as the specific client requirements.

smartsheet recruitment management tracking

Data Visualization Platform to Track Employee Vaccination Status

The data visualization platform from Ignatiuz to track employee vaccination status is a part of its Smartsheet offering. Designed robustly with a user-centric approach, the platform visualizes vaccination data of employees, as well as their family members.

FAQ About Smartsheet

FAQs About Smartsheet Tool