Coded Couture – Google and H&M Group Alliance

Google is revolutionising the way we live and is moving a step ahead to evolve fashion industry. Google and H&M Group‘s Ivyrevel have come together with a great idea provide the consumers the look and feel of their life style in their clothes. Google and H&M have decided to create and Android Application which will collect the information with the help of Google Awareness API which is made to understand the life style of the user.


The name of the project will be “Coded Couture” as declared by Aleksandar Subosic the co-founder of Ivyrevel. The app is referred as a Coded Couture as it designed by processing the data received by the application which is collected by the user. The data collection will take place for 7 Day which will monitor the day to day activities and life style of user like their workplace, the places where they hang around, the climate etc.

The dressing plays a major role to portray the personality of any person. Women’s are very much concerned when it comes to looks and most of us like to wear the apparels which are unique and designed according to the way we live, but sometimes we don’t get the dress we actually need or is too much expensive and every one of us may not have necessary design skills. Data Dress will help the women’s to easily get the apparels which suits them and most importantly which goes with their lifestyle and are comfortable as it is designed by closely observing the way they live. Every one of us likes personalised garments which are meant differently, as every one of us have different lifestyle so we can get something really better and exclusive.

The app is currently under the development which specifically uses the Snapshot API within it which collects the information about the user’s environment with their permission. After getting the app user will just have to grant the permissions to the app and choose the occasion that’s it, with the help of the Snapshot API it can access different types of context signals like the geo location of the user, the place where the user resides, the climate surrounding the user location, user activities like still, walking, dancing or running etc., the places where user generally hangouts, the peoples around the user locality etc. All these information are collected for course of week which can be visible in the dashboard and user can see the activities for his past week. It is passed to the application with the help of an algorithm which will be digitally designed for the user to purchase.

As per the Ivyrevel the Data Dress will be offered at a very affordable price. The app is currently in alpha testing and is made available to the global fashion consultants and even Ivyrevel’s co-founder Kenza Zouiten. The app will be made available to the users later this year.

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