Introduction to Open edX ® platform

What is Open edX ® platform

edX ® is a non-profit online initiative created by Harvard and MIT. Currently, Open edX ® platform is the world largest platform which provides online courses and MOOCs(Massive Open Online Courses). Open edX ® platform is supported by a large group of university, corporate companies. It has been used by many countries to provide free online education. Open edX ® platform has support to mobile to scale the accessibility to the technology.   

Open edX ® platform components

Learning Management System (LMS)

Open edX ® platform Studio

Discussion Forums


Open Response Assessments(ORM)

Open edX ® platform Insights.

Open edX ® platform Analytics Data API

What is a Learning Management System (LMS)

The LMS component in Open edX ® platform can be used by learners to access course content, including textbooks, videos, etc and can also check their progress in different courses.

Course team members can use the Instructor Dashboard feature to enroll learners, generate reports and administer courses.

LMS can be accessed through web browser there is no need of any additional software required.

What is the Open edX ® platform studio

The studio tool of Open edX ® platform helps you build your courses. You can use the studio to create a course and add videos and other content and resources for learners.

The studio also helps you to add scheduler, grading policies and any other resource or activity which will be required to monitor learners progress. It also helps you to publish each part of the course separately.

Discussion Forums

Discussion forums are used for interaction among students and between students and course staff. In this forums, student and staff use course discussions to share ideas, exchange views, consider different viewpoints and ask the question.


E-Commerce is used to manage the edX ® product catalog and handle orders for those products.

The e-commerce module is 3rd party project it is called Oscar that the Open edX ® platform team fully integrated into the platform like LMS and CMS. It has its own database, user list, password and so on.

Open Response Assessments(ORM)

In some course, the learner is asked to write an essay in 犀利士5mg
response to the topic or the questions that don’t have simple answers. These essay assignments are called an open response assessment(ORM). In open response assessment(ORM), learners submit essay responses and then go through a series of assessments to complete the assignment. Some of the assessments are peer assessment and self-assessment.

Open edX ® platform Insights

It is analytics for course teams. It is used to access data gathered from active courses.

We can display charts, summary statistics, and data tables. This data is aggregated by the edX ® Analytics Pipeline and, the aggregated data is exposed by edX ® Analytics Data API.

Open edX ® platform Analytics Data API

Open edX ® platform Analytics Data API use RESTFul design principles and use JSON format to interchange data. It is used for getting course activity data of student. API can be used to get all type of data.

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