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Leverage Server Farms for Enhanced Productivity and Functionality

Server farms help organizations increase productivity and efficiency by providing personalized document access, search functions, centralized access control, printer sharing, file backup, and more. This is especially helpful when employees work at more than one site. Businesses can work with confidence knowing that if a server fails, another can offer backup without business interruption.

Ignatiuz uses industry-leading software like Microsoft Windows SharePoint to manage server farms locally or globally for businesses of all sizes. Our server farm administration experts leverage the latest web-based technologies and tools to help your organization access, manage, share, and store important information.

Managing the server farm involves many functions, including:

  • Consultation to determine the best configuration options
  • Initial configuration
  • Load Balancing
  • Data backup and recovery
  • Monitoring and support
  • Guidance on the technologies that will enhance the user experience and optimize bandwidth
  • Front-end web servers
  • Cleaning up data
  • Migration to updated software versions

Expert Server Farm Administration with Ignatiuz

Ignatiuz is the trusted server farm administration provider for many organizations. Get in touch with us to learn how a server farm can benefit your business and how we can leverage the latest software and technologies to help you achieve your goals.