SharePoint for Education – A Milestone of Customisation

Ignatiuz’s latest customised SharePoint Online link web part feature will revitalise education sector’s working experience. With our customised SharePoint Online link web part now you can share links to both internal and external document and pages and present the in a better way with advanced visuals and wish also provides you with preview to its content and contextual link with title, better images and snippets of text all in right inline everything within the internal communication.

With our customised SharePoint you just have to only add the web part to the page and feel the difference.

Links that are supported with latest SharePoint Link web part:

  1. Internet resources: YouTube videos, web pages, images, etc.
  2. Modern publishing pages of SharePoint and news articles
  3. SharePoint stored documents links or OneDrive for Business

With our latest feature the readers will still be able to navigate by clicking on the preview to the linked resource and the user can remove the URL from the page and only keep the preview. User can also just remove the preview and keep the link.

The latest customised feature also provide user the authority to use and configure a Summary Link Web Part or a Summary Link field control where user gets enhanced upgrades like creating Web page that has a Web Part, field control or summary Link, Web Part or field control Summary Link configuration and user can also use a field control or Summary Link Web Part.

The all new SharePoint Online Link web part is filled with many features like:

  1. Improves users and permissions
  2. Better publishing features
  3. Enhanced ribbon and navigation
  4. Upgraded libraries and listing
  5. Web parts
  6. Ease to use master pages, page layouts, content types, and columns

The updated feature also provides a superior community features that gives the admin better control and user better surfing experience and still keep it secure where user gets access to features there is no need to migrate community admin just has to add community.  Another benefit is that there is no need for admin to manage or create a different site.

With years of experience into SharePoint development and having one of the best skilled team we can provide you with the best in class SharePoint customisation and up-gradation. Ignatiuz’s customised SharePoint will not only give you a personal touch in your working but will also give an all new feel of  user-friendliness along with feature of secure surfing with SharePoint Online Link web part. Feel free to reach us on

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