COVID 19 Body Temperature Screening Kiosk

Protecting what’s important: The safety of our people and those around us

With many businesses starting to open up, the FDA has recommended expanding the use of tele thermographic systems that convert infrared radiation into body temperature measurement. Setting up a temperature screening kiosk can be a helpful strategy to ensure a safe work environment in high-traffic areas, such as airports, businesses, warehouses and factories, as well as in settings where thermometers may be in short supply.

Body temperature screening kiosk

A temperature screening kiosk is a much better alternative in comparison to handheld body temperature measurement devices. Automated temperature screening kiosks are essentially “contactless,” which makes them safer since it reduces the risk of infections spreading from person to person. Temperature screening kiosks are also substantially more convenient, given that the kiosk automatically measures temperatures and notifies personnel of abnormal readings. Thus, with an automated temperature screening kiosk, your employees won’t have to waste their time manually checking the body temperatures of people walking in.

Automatic body temperature scanner kiosks have proven quite beneficial in terms of mass temperature vetting purposes. For instance, all events where people congregate like concerts, award functions, stadiums, weddings, public places, and other public gatherings, etc. can benefit immensely from fast temperature measurement by a kiosk; this way, those with an elevated temperature can be prohibited from mingling in the gatherings and encouraged for further screening and treatment processes. Find out more here

How does Temperature Scanning Kiosks work?

The temperature screening kiosks work in a rather robust, and hassle-free manner. An individual must step within the target range, which is usually about 1-3 feet. Using infrared technology, the individual’s forehead is scanned and detected for temperature. As per the CDC guidelines, the system software renders the present temperature data measured with a status of elevated or not elevated. The machine will refer the individual for additional screening in case their temperature is higher than the threshold. The additional screening may include one hand-held thermometer screening and a quick interview about the symptoms. This event is helpful to prevent the spread of contagious infections like coronavirus.

Benefits of Temperature Screening Kiosk by Ignatiuz

  • Accurate, automated, and affordable: Ignatiuz’s automated temperature screening kiosk offers accurate temperatures and is affordable to purchase.
  • Uses a reference heat source for high accuracy: The temperature screening kiosk uses a heat source from the body, and thus measures temperature accurately.
  • NDAA Compliant: Ignatiuz’s body temperature measurement devices are compliant with NDAA guidelines.
  • Measurements at a safe social distance: The temperature screening kiosk measures body temperatures without human contact, and hence adheres to social distancing norms that may be in place.
  • Meets FDA guidelines for initial body temperature assessment: Ignatiuz’s body temperature measurement devices adhere to guidelines from the FDA as well.
  • Designed and calibrated for skin temperature measurement: The device has been specially designed to accurately measure skin temperature.
  • Quick measurements: Ignatiuz’s temperature screening kiosk offers quick temperature measurements, thus alerting your employees to abnormal temperatures immediately.
  • Stands to accommodate wheelchairs and ADA requirements: The kiosk is also wheelchair-friendly.

Ignatiuz is a global leader in the design and manufacturing of custom interactive body temperature scanners. We have manufactured 100+ products that offer the latest rapid, fully automated, commercial temperature scanning features to help control the contagious virus from spreading and offer organizations the tools they need to establish and maintain a trusted and safe environment. Our products can save you the time and money otherwise spent on traditional screening services. We work directly with organizations to provide the most advanced PPE temperature screening equipment in the market. 

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With the rising demands for health and safety procedures, the need to screen employees for illness has increased. Temperature Screening Kiosks accommodate those needs by acting as a first line of defense to your company's health.

Our Customers

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  • Cobblestone Consulting
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Automated Thermo Imaging Technology

COVID Temperature Screening KIOSK - Automated Thermo Imaging Technology

Providing real-time protection and peace of mind for your organization and its customers and employees. Intelligent Thermal Scanner System can perform large-area detection when an epidemic situation occurs and quickly find out those with higher body temperature, effectively raising awareness and controlling the spread of the epidemic. An automated temperature screening kiosk like this is the need of the hour to prevent the spread of the virus.

  • COVID kiosks reduce the risk of access by visitors with high temperatures*
  • COVID temperature kiosks help maintain a safe work/business environment
  • Body temperature measurement devices eliminate physical contact which helps reduce the spread of infection
  • Using an infrared thermometer to measure body temperature is safer and more efficient than using a human resource to screen temperatures
  • Having a temperature reading kiosk in your area of business can help significantly reduce stress and anxiety for visitors

*Medical testing is necessary to determine the presence or absence of infectious disease.

Features of Thermal Scanner Temperature Screening Kiosk

Fever alarm

Fever Alarm

When users have a temperature reading higher than 100.4° Fahrenheit, an alarm will sound to alert the user that they have a fever. (Temperate screening threshold and volume can be customized).

Mask Detector

Mask Detector

The facial recognition feature has advanced AI to recognize users that are wearing masks and still provide an accurate reading.

Heimann Sensor

Heimann Sensor

The world’s leading German technology in infrared thermopile arrays, the Heimann Sensor can recognize and capture different levels of infrared light to accurately and rapidly scan the body temperature of users within 3 feet of the touch free display.



Screen the visitors in 2-3 seconds to keep the entrance area clear and moving. Our automated touchless system will rapidly scan individuals as they approach. The body temperature scanner system performs extremely fast temperature measurements.



With our health screening kiosk, there is no need to cough or sneeze, just smile for the camera, or not



Easy to setup and install. Simply set up in the desired location, turn on and start screening and checking body temperatures online!



The automatic body temperature scanner can be integrated with controlled access systems like automatic doors, gates and turnstiles to restrict unauthorized access.


Instant Notifications

The thermal temperature reader gives both verbal and visual warnings for high temperature, alerts for unauthorized access.



The walk in temperature log has a 1-year manufacturer warranty and support via phone/email

Temperature Screening Kiosk Has a Compact & User-Friendly Design

  • System
    • CPU RK3288 quad-core Cortex-A18 @1.8G GPU Mali T764
    • RAM 2GB
    • Internal Memory 16GB
    • Operating System Android 7.1
  • Display
    • Panel Size 8”
    • Resolution 800*1280
    • Contrast Ratio 1000:1
    • Aspect Ratio 16:10
  • Network
    • Wifi 802.11b/g/n 2.4G
    • Bluetooth 4.1
  • Interface
    • USB OTG data
    • RJ-45 100M/100M Ethernet
    • Power DC 12V
  • Software
    • Temperature Accuracy +/- 0.3° C or +/- 0.54° F
    • Measurement Distance 0.3 – 0.8 Meters
    • Dual Light Infrared Thermo Imaging Detection: Heimann Sensor HTPA32x32d
    • Temperature Range Detection 28° C / 82.4 F to 43° C / 109.4 F
  • Reliability
    • Overall Power Consumption Below 18W
    • Protection Level IP54
    • ESD Positive and negative 4K contact discharge/8Kv air discharge
    • Product Warranty: The COVID temperature kiosk has a US 1 year manufacturer warranty and support, via email or phone.
  • Analytics / SDK / APK
  • Security Card Access
  • Attendance Record
  • Option for Face Recognition
  • Optional NFC for Secure Entrance Area.
  • Access Control: The COVID kiosk can be synced with automatic doors, gates, turnstiles and more to restrict entry from users who have a fever.
  • The automated temperature screening kiosk has a Facial Recognition feature allowing the system to only grant access to recognized individuals that are programmed in advance.
  • RFID Reader
  • Contactless Hand Sanitizer Dispenser
  • Wall Mount, Tabletop or Freestanding Temperature Screening Kiosk
  • The body temperature scanner offers integration with Microsoft 365 and Power BI
Contactless body temperature screening kiosk Inventory
Body temperature screening Kiosk Inventory

Ignatiuz’s temperature screening kiosk comes with a powerful CPU RK3288 quad-core Cortex-A18 @1.8G equipped with a Mali T764 GPU. It has 2GB RAM and 16GB internal memory for blazing-fast screening and storing user information. The temperature screening kiosk has dual Light IR Thermal Imaging Detection that leverages a Heimann Sensor HTPA32x32d to accurately detect body temperature with a temperature Range Detection of 28°C or 82.4 F to 43°C or 109.4 F. It has NFC capability so you can ensure higher security and an RFID reader. The thermal temperature reader also comes with a non-contact hand sanitizer dispenser too. The system also provides a walk-in temperature log.

Looking for customized temperature screening kiosks? We can help.

Ensuring the safety of those you work with and those around you is important. If you are looking to set up a customized temperature screening kiosk with body temperature measurement devices, our customizable health screening kiosk solution can be of help. These are the features you can choose to customize the body temperature scanner kiosk with:

  • Access Control: If you would like to limit people’s access to your office, factory, or workshop when they are unwell, you can sync the automatic body temperature scanner kiosk with automatic doors, gates, turnstiles, etc.
  • Facial Recognition: Granting access to people whose health status you are not sure about, into your workspace could be problematic. Our facial recognition software which is part of the COVID kiosk helps you grant access only to the individuals recognized as healthy, programmed into the system in advance.
  • RFID Reader: You can also opt to customize your temperature screening kiosk with an RFID reader.
  • Contactless Hand Sanitizer Dispenser: Hand sanitizer dispensers are the need of the hour. Make sure your staff is protected by installing a contactless dispenser at multiple points in the workspace.
  • Wall Mount, Tabletop, or Freestanding Kiosk: You can choose to set up a table-top kiosk, a freestanding temperature screening kiosk, or even wall-mount it as per your space design and convenience.
  • Integration with Microsoft 365 and Power BI: The temperature screening kiosk can also be integrated with tools like Microsoft 365 and Power BI, helping you analyze the collected data at any point and create reports if required.

Use Cases of Temperature Screening Kiosks

Some common real-world use cases of our temperature screening kiosk are as follows.

Temperature screening in corporate workplaces

Temperature screening kiosks in corporate workplaces

In the corporate world, temperature checking kiosks can be used to monitor the temperature of individual employees before they enter and exit the business area. Depending on how many employees the business has permitted, a COVID temperature reading kiosk can help to ensure that only those with normal temperatures are allowed inside the office, and also indicate the employee is healthy while going back to home. Kiosks can be set up at the main entrance or at every entrance where employees can enter or exit from. If anyone is found to have a raised temperature, then the individual can go for further medical testing.

Body temperature screening can also ensure an employee leaves healthy from the company board, in this way thermal screening kiosks are extending some protection for employee families as well. It’s also extremely beneficial to have since the system offers fast temperature measurements, so your staff or clients do not have to wait for too long to complete the temperature check process. Ignatiuz’s temperature screening kiosk is also easy to use and manage, hence it is a good option for businesses that don’t have a lot of employees around.

Customer screening with temperature screening kiosks in restaurants

Body temperature measurement devices can be used to check the temperatures of patrons before they begin to dine in their favorite restaurants. There are many employees who work at restaurants and it is critical that every employee gets himself/herself tested prior to entering the dining place. Various restaurants, whether they provide outdoor patio space or indoor dining services, must also require people who come to dine to wear face masks too as an added precaution. The health screening kiosk also comes with optional sanitizer dispensers which can be used for frequent hand sanitization especially in case of visiting a restaurant with your kids.

It can also be clubbed with the “Covid Safeguard App” which will help to check your safety bar before visiting a dining space. By using an automated temperature screening kiosk, restaurant owners can ensure both their patrons and staff are safe at all times.

Customer screening in restaurants
Temperature screening solutions for medical services

Temperature screening kiosk solutions for medical services

The medical sector is one of the major places where temperature monitoring kiosks are of utmost importance. Medical centers and hospitals can use the kiosks to measure the body temperature of patients remotely without putting the health of doctors, nurses, and other staff at risk. Temperature screening kiosks can help doctors better observe patients at a higher risk quickly suggest appropriate diagnoses. In the medical field, medical kiosks of such type can help streamline tasks and reduce stress for both the patients and doctors. Given how many people walk in and out of healthcare facilities, it is necessary that you invest in an efficient body temperature measurement device in order to curtail the spread of the virus from one person to another.

Contactless body temperature screening kiosk for public transit services

Public transport is the only solution for certain people to get from point A to point B during these challenging times. A touch-less temperature screening kiosk is particularly useful in public transportation which is used by thousands of people every day. Even if lesser people are willing to travel using public transport, doing a body temperature scan is still vital as it can let the individual and passengers know whether one has a high fever. As the sensors in the device can accurately tell the temperature of the individual, this will ensure people can safely travel in their preferred mode of transport. Ignatiuz’s temperature screening kiosk is a good option for public transit services since the device measures body temperatures instantly.

Contactless body temperature screening for public transit services
Remote temperature screening for the hospitality Industry

Remote temperature screening kiosk for the hospitality Industry

The hospitality industry is slowly getting back on its feet despite the ongoing pandemic. With travel rules slowly being eased, temperature checks are vital in places like hotels and resorts where new guests arrive daily. Temperature screening kiosks can greatly help to identify symptomatic people without causing undue stress by measuring body temperature in a mere matter of seconds. People working in the hospitality industry can ensure only employees and guests with normal temperatures are allowed in hotels and dining spaces besides other public areas. Thus, by using a temperature screening kiosk, you can ensure the safety of your guests and employees. Non-contact temperature screening kiosks can reduce the potential risk of the virus spread in all sectors of the industry. Again, it can also link to the “Covid Safeguard App” which displace safety indicators of place before one book their visit.

Safe temperature screening kiosks for educational institutions

When schools reopen, body temperature screening can help teachers, students, and non-teaching staff get screened prior to entering the school premises. Children and older individuals are more vulnerable compared to other people, so such temperature screening kiosks can help ensure the spread in schools is minimal and detection is quick. The kiosks for measuring the body temperature of all people who enter schools should be placed at every entry point for extra safety to provide a safe environment for staff, students and parents alike. Accompanying it with the “Covid Safeguard App” is of the best utility here as it will provide all the details of your kid and their friends' interaction with their respective ecosystem, ensuring better accessibility over your children's safety.

Safe screening kiosks for educational institutions
Infrared screening devices for theaters

Infrared temperature screening kiosks for theaters

Theaters across North America may open in the coming months depending on the various state laws. Kiosks for measuring body temperature can help screen customers before they enter the theater premises too. Although, there is a likelihood that the occupancy rates will decrease for obvious reasons, having a kiosk and encouraging people to wear face masks are two strategies to ensure business continuity in a safe environment. Ignatiuz’s temperature screening kiosk is also wheelchair-friendly, so your patrons who depend on wheelchairs for their mobility can use the kiosk as well.

Remote body temperature screening kiosk checks at fitness centers

A body temperature monitoring kiosk is vital in gyms as some have reopened post lockdown. Gyms that were usually packed before the pandemic are slowly reopening again albeit with extra precautions to ensure their employees and gym-lovers are safe. Contact-free temperature screening kiosks can help detect people who exhibit elevated body temperatures and notify the people working at the gym. Thus, a temperature reading kiosk can help allow only healthy people inside the gym premises to ensure safety from Covid-19.

Remote body temperature checks at fitness centers



Stay Safe

Prevention is key, instill a sense of trust and safety as we commence everyday activities, and public gatherings post COVID-19.RapidScreen is perfect for hospitals, restaurants, offices, residential buildings, retail and more.

For more information and specifications on the RapidScreen, please refer to our brochure.

Body Temperature Screening Kiosk brochure

Employee Temperature Screening Kiosk Solutions from Ignatiuz

Over the course of the last few months, businesses across the world had temporarily closed their shutters to curb the spread of COVID-19. Employees were furloughed and business earnings started to take a dip suddenly due to lockdowns and travel restrictions. However, at present, they are more than eager to get back to work and ensure business continuity. Although the pandemic has not quite been wiped clean, businesses have been given a green signal to reopen but with precautions in place so everyone is protected and the virus spread is curbed. There are various measures businesses can take to protect their employees and customers. One of the strategies is to use a contactless temperature screening kiosk which can ensure safety.

Employees working in businesses that cater to large numbers of customers should be protected and so should its customers. COVID-19 temperature screening solutions can help detect body temperature as a high temperature is one of the most noticeable symptoms. Ignatiuz’s temperature monitoring solutions ensure any individual being screened has a normal body temperature. If the temperature is higher than normal, then the individual is alerted and hence must get medical testing done at the earliest. Entry can be granted to individuals that fall within the normal temperature ranges.

Many businesses are using body temperature kiosk cum facial recognition tools whereby only employees whose data has been fed into the system are allowed inside the building provided they have a normal body temperature. While it is one of the strategies, it should be used in parallel with other precautions like social distancing for best results.

The panic due to COVID-19 hasn’t eased, but with the right balance of technology and mindfulness, we can do our best to minimize risk and make this world a safer place.